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Resumen diario de noticias de Palestina (28/08/2015)

Javier Villate @bouleusis

HAMAS acusa a Ban de ser cómplice de crímenes de guerra israelíes…

29/08/2015 05:48:25 WIB
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Javier Villate @bouleusis

Pictured: Terrified Palestinian boy's look of horror as desperate family try to free him from Israeli soldier

29/08/2015 05:41:14 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Dozens of Protesters Shot and Injured across West Bank

29/08/2015 05:38:14 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Caught between Jerusalem and expanding settlements, uncertainty hangs over residents of Abu Nuwwar

29/08/2015 05:37:18 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Tens of thousands of Palestinians are on the verge of retirement, but why?

29/08/2015 05:36:30 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Dahlan calls to integrate Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the PLO

29/08/2015 05:35:37 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinians in weekly protests

29/08/2015 05:35:14 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

EU lashes out against Palestinian use of capital punishment

29/08/2015 05:34:30 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Protesters march at Al-Aqsa Mosque to condemn 'Israeli escalations'

29/08/2015 05:33:48 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Kuwait pledges $15 million to UNRWA schools

29/08/2015 05:33:21 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Fatah official calls Hamas to participate in national council meeting

29/08/2015 05:32:50 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

A Year Ago, a Cease-Fire Was Announced in Gaza. But This Boy's Life Had Already Changed Forever.

29/08/2015 05:18:48 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

EU Missions Condemn Death Sentence Issued In Gaza

29/08/2015 05:18:15 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

OCHA: 54 Palestinian Civilians Injured by Israel during Third Week of August 2015

29/08/2015 05:17:42 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Lessons from Veolia: Supporting the occupation is bad for business

29/08/2015 05:17:14 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Boycott-hit Veolia dumps Jerusalem rail, completes Israel withdrawal | The Electronic Intifada

29/08/2015 05:16:34 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Israel Places 18 Palestinians in Detention without Charge, Trial

29/08/2015 05:15:33 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Settlers take over East Jerusalem home in the dead of night

29/08/2015 05:14:21 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

Gaza ministry says 'settlement products' seized at border crossing

29/08/2015 05:13:23 WIB
Javier Villate @bouleusis

'Israel unwilling to understand Nakba, the trauma that constitutes Palestinian identity'

29/08/2015 05:11:55 WIB
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