Toby Sheldon, 35, adalah seorang pria yang melakukan operasi plastik seharga ribuan dolar demi mirip dengan idolanya, Justin Bieber
Pria yang juga membintangi serial 'Botched' ini sebelumnya dinyatakan menghilang sejak 18 Agustus lalu
Laura @m1l1r
Botched Star Tobias Strebel Reported Missing | 45
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Tanggal 21 Agustus ia ditemukan tewas di sebuah motel
Mashable @mashable
Toby Sheldon, who paid $100,000 for surgeries to make him look like Justin Bieber, has died:
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New York Daily News @NYDailyNews
Toby Sheldon, who spent more than $100,000 to look like @justinbieber, found dead.
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HollywoodLife @HollywoodLife
Toby Sheldon hadn't seen his family in Germany since he had Justin Bieber look-alike surgeries
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Sugarscape @sugarscape
Man who paid thousands for surgery to look like Justin Bieber is tragically found dead
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Justin Bieber Crew @JBCrewposts
RIP Toby Sheldon - You will be forever missed.
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gianna @lonelysfilm
y'all are awful making all these jokes about toby sheldon... yeah it was weird what he did to his face but it's not like he was a bad person
VoltronRanger @VoltronRanger
@mashable So sad. What a tragic story. I hope his life had some joy.
craig c @craignunu1
@mashable that is s shame .. poor chap, never Looked like JB either..condolences.
🍂 ǝllǝ¡ɹ∀ 🍂 | tyler 1 1/2 @SpicyPurritos
@PerezHilton sad! I honestly hope though it's drugs&not foul play w/his ex somehow.😕😔 I'm sure he can look exactly like Bieber in heaven☺️
MTODZ @mariatodd42
@PerezHilton thoughts and prayers are with the family god bless you all
Sampai sekarang belum jelas penyebab kematian Toby Sheldon.
URL Duplikat Justin Bieber Ditemukan Tewas Duplikat artis Justin Bieber bernama Tobias Strebel ditemukan tewas pekan lalu di kamar motel San Fernando Valley, California.


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