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#Saving for your #pension

When working we need to save to buy various items. Once retired, some funds are essential to keep our lifestyle. With the inflation and low interest rates; it can be a real struggle.
sz @sz_duras

amused to hear that the Spanish retirement age is 60 for men and 55 for women... i wonder how long that will last...

15/10/2012 21:12:22 WIB
Dustin Bartee @dustinbartee

There's NO WAY classic rock bands planned on performing their hits when they're of retirement age. #fb

15/10/2012 21:08:35 WIB
Eric Slingby @Eric5lingby

@ThornCladReaper [[My old boss has been past retirement age for a while so it's been on the cards. C'est la vie :-)] *the compliment& peck -

15/10/2012 20:40:47 WIB
peachyyy_pea 🤍 @Peachbadu_

At the age of 75 my mom said she will have to shake her money maker because they are going up on retirement!! Lmao,, only my mom

15/10/2012 20:23:08 WIB

Looking forward to signing up for my 401k ;) my retirement fund by the age of 40 is going to look nice !! 💰💵💳💸

15/10/2012 20:06:08 WIB
MacKenzie Gilmore @Lm_gilmore

#Advisors: Teach your clients their #socialsecurity Full Retirement Age to maximize their benefits.

15/10/2012 20:01:42 WIB
Tunbridge Wells JCP @TWellsJCP

UK residents approaching retirement age can use State Pension online at to make a claim. #pension #rt #retirement

15/10/2012 19:59:33 WIB
URL State Pension : Directgov - Pensions and retirement planning Find out about the basic State Pension, additional State Pension, how to get a State Pension forecast and other benefits in retirement
ⓐmanda 🧬 @amanda_247

Retirement age where I work is 50 ... That's only 25 years away #ShitImOld

15/10/2012 19:04:43 WIB
Denis @mtnbikerdenis

RT @JesusWithIssues: I can't think of a single person of retirement age who wouldn't be excited to start price shopping health insurance. Glory!

15/10/2012 18:49:10 WIB

Politics is the only job sector which needs no education, experience, has no KPI or retirement age. Why is that?

15/10/2012 18:27:11 WIB

"Millions of Britons due to retire over the next few years face a 'double whammy' that risks seeing £11.5 billion wiped off their retirement funds, according to a new report by the Saga Foundation." Source

Does this mean that noting is sure for our old days?

Is it worth saving every month into a pension scheme to get nothing at the end?

Inflation is going up as well as prices. So it is almost as if someone kept moving the finishing line of a marathon.

Money is first spent on food and because interest rates aren't increasing, many with low incomes who tried to collect a decent amount for their pensions could face a loss in savings related to unseen low interest rates!!

Whatever you earned or saved, we are all facing the same situation. Is there an alernative or a miracle against a huge dive?

Self Invested Personal Pensions also known as SIPPs could be the remedy!

Why? Because SIPPs offer a wider choice of investment than the regular pensions.


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