August 11th #MGiechat

Our first ever #MGiechat talking all things middle grade - a meet & greet. Topics covered: the term Middle grade, favourite authors & books, covers & writerly panics!
Sinéad O'Hart @SJOHart
@TamsinCooke1 @Nigellicus A common terror! But your story is yours; nobody else will tell it like you do. #MGieChat
✿ Laura Harrison ✿ @Pheebs22_
OMG!!! I was just involved in THE most AMAZING chat EVER!!! =D #mgiechat
CharlatanFT @charlatanFT
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Sinéad O'Hart @SJOHart
@KieranJFanning @Nigellicus Ha! Me too. If you know what I mean. :-) (And thanks). #MGiechat
Sinéad O'Hart @SJOHart
@ERMurray Thank you for organising! Sorry for lateness/phone crapping out/general uselessness on my part, but had a ball. #MGiechat
✿ Laura Harrison ✿ @Pheebs22_
Night guys! Thanks for talking to me! <3 Everyone injoy writing and NEVER stop!!! #mgiechat
Niggle By Leaf ⧖ @Nigellicus
@KieranJFanning I was gallping towards 65! Then it all ended. So close! #MGiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
And it’s 3-2-1 good night from me at #MGiechat. Thanks everyone ! Topic & date for next one TBC :)
Niamh Garvey @msniamhgarvey
@ERMurray balancing truths+lies, humour in MG, boys v girls + gender crossover in MG books... #MGiechat
Sinéad O'Hart @SJOHart
@KieranJFanning @Nigellicus In truth, it totally is. They share some very broad strokes, is all. But I still judge myself harshly!#MGiechat
Niggle By Leaf ⧖ @Nigellicus
Good night, gang. Lovely to throw furiously typed tweets at you all. #MGiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
OK, we've gone a little over, but it can't be helped! Massive thank you to everyone who came for #MGiechat See you next time! (Details TBC)
Ruth Frances Long @RFLong
Signing off & going back to writing. Lovely evening all #MGiechat anyone want to come to book launch on 9th in @gutterbookshop very welcome.
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