Ramesh Shivakumaran Company Review: More Valuable Principles on Port Management

https://twitter.com/ellahward/status/631002607239086080 We continue with our review of the essential principles involved in managing ports and trade transport with a discussion of some vital considerations investors, consultants and managers must seriously face: 1. Understanding the different types of ports and access to ports (natural, man-made, river, estuary) and the diversity of specialist port operations Read More
ramesh MORE valuable company ON management PORT principles shivakumaran
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chirpstory @chirpstory 11/08/2015 14:24:02 WIB
Dibaca ribuan kali: “#7lasan 7 alasan keanehan pidato presiden jokowi” dari .@orde_PDIP chirpstory.com/li/279376
chirpstory @chirpstory 11/08/2015 14:20:03 WIB
Turunnya Anis Dari Kursi Presiden sbg Strategi PKS Kompromi dg Rezim JKW(?) by @RagilNugroho1 chirpstory.com/li/279665 pic.twitter.com/4WYoi3EDCo
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