The #GreekPoliticianManual

Here are a few guidelines to be a successful politician in Greece
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

Eg #Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Be from a prominent family, or be an actor, singer or basketball player if you want to be elected.

17/10/2011 23:39:46 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual If your father/grandfather were prime ministers/dictators in the past, it helps.

17/10/2011 23:40:30 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Claim that you want social justice, then implement Pinochet-style economic shock policy.

17/10/2011 23:41:05 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Claim that you'll simplify bureaucracy. That's a winner with voters.

17/10/2011 23:41:29 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Claim that you'll stamp out corruption and tax evasion. It doesn't matter if you engaged in one or both.

17/10/2011 23:42:03 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Better, claim that you'll stamp out corruption and tax evasion and continue engaging in both.

17/10/2011 23:42:31 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Insist that you hate implementing your own policies. Blame the #EU #ECB #IMF #Merkel #Trichet. Anyone but you

17/10/2011 23:44:03 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Remind ppl that you share the pain. Explain for example that you can't afford the #propertytax

17/10/2011 23:44:54 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Make sure the laws are written in such a way that noone can figure out your income as a politician.

17/10/2011 23:46:07 WIB
μπανάνα @mp_anana

Claim that you have the money to save the country when you actually dont #GreekPoliticianManual

17/10/2011 23:46:29 WIB
Zoe Mavroudi @zoemavroudi

@IrateGreek #GreekPoliticianManual If you treat your constituents as clients to be abandoned at critical moments, you'll go far.

17/10/2011 23:46:34 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Come to think of it, make sure that ALL laws are written in such a way noone can make sense of them.

17/10/2011 23:46:38 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Think of voters as people who need favours. No need to deal with rights, representation and democracy.

17/10/2011 23:49:46 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Better, think of yor constituency as an interest group. A lobby. If possible even a mafia.

17/10/2011 23:50:20 WIB
Zoe Mavroudi @zoemavroudi

@IrateGreek #Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Don't bother to read the laws. Your job is to vote in accordance with the dictates of the Party.

17/10/2011 23:51:20 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Make sure your promises before elections are vague. Eg "there is money", just don't specify in whose pocket.

17/10/2011 23:52:03 WIB
Zoe Mavroudi @zoemavroudi

Be guilt-free! Remember: the country's fate isn't your personal problem. @IrateGreek #Greece #GreekPoliticianManual

17/10/2011 23:53:15 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Observe strict party discipline in voting for bills if you're in gov, or against them if you're opposition.

17/10/2011 23:53:46 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual When the ppl boo you or yoghurtify you, blame their fascist tendencies. It's not your fault.

17/10/2011 23:55:00 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual If the ppl oppose your policies, claim that the only time for accountability is election time in 4 years.

17/10/2011 23:56:00 WIB
Πατσίκο @patsiko_

@IrateGreek #Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Provide false financial data and then blame it on the previous gov. (even if it was your party)

17/10/2011 23:56:32 WIB
Zoe Mavroudi @zoemavroudi

Master the art of evasion by frequently appearing on status-quo-sponsored TV shows @IrateGreek #Greece #GreekPoliticianManual

17/10/2011 23:56:36 WIB
Theodora Oikonomides @IrateGreek

#Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Claim that what you vote for should remain secret, respecting the principle of secrecy of vote via @ggeoapos

17/10/2011 23:57:49 WIB
Πατσίκο @patsiko_

@IrateGreek #Greece #GreekPoliticianManual Actually, ALWAYS blame the previous government (which will also be the next one).

17/10/2011 23:57:57 WIB
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