#SLPsnQs Oct 2011 Why/how SLP?

SLPs talk about how they ended up in the profession and SLPs and non-SLPs talk about how/when they first heard of the profession of SLP.
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Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
#SLPsnQs for today: Why did you become a SLP? How did you find out about the profession? #SLPeeps
Ashley @alour
@SLPTanya Because its different and challenging every single day. I found it flipping through a uni course book in high school #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@bronwynah thanks for the RT :) so.... how DID you get into SLP? And into post grad studies too? #SLPsnQs #SLPeeps
Janelle SLP @albrechtjn
@SLPTanya I had tx as a child for /s/, and she was really cool! Then I really liked cognitive neuropsych classes in undergrad. #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
I wanted to be a Dr but wanted a 'home life' with regular 9-5(ish) hours. I love language, etymologies, IPA, so seemed a good fit #SLPsnQs
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley
@SLPTanya I picked it as work experience aged 16. Social justice upbringing & loved science at school, post-grad needed new horizon #SLPsnQs
Aileen McIntosh @speechpathmama
@SLPTanya I had speech for /s/, I had a major obsession with Helen Keller, & the hearing impaired children were in my school. #SLPsnQs
Kim Lewis @activitytailor
#SLPsnQs Loved helping and working with kids and didn't have the disposition for the unpleasantries of OT/PT. Adore reading/writing too.
debra @dibsondebs
@SLPTanya I absolutely found my passion & couldn't think of a better fit for me. Always wanted to work w/ kids & its perfect 4 me #SLPsNQs
debra @dibsondebs
@SLPTanya I started in social work & can thank a prof 4 steering me clear out of that. Girl told me about SLP & voila I'm here. #SLPsnQs
Speech Dudes @SpeechDudes
I had 2 desires: To be psychologist but after completing my Psych degree discovered SLP. My other was to become a journalist! #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@dibsondebs how long in social work degree before you switched? How easy was it to switch partway through? #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@speechpathmama @albrechtjn #SLPsnQsI think lots of ppl become intrigued after an exp with an SLP #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@alour We'll all remind you that you said "different & challenging every day" if you're ever frustrated by that 10 yrs from now ;) #SLPsnQs
Kelly @PrairieSLP
I started classes for almost every prof listed here.Took an interest inventory & matched highly with SLP.Never heard of it before.#SLPsnQs
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley
@SLPTanya any SLP with: tenacity, persistence, resilience, curiosity, interest in learning/creating knowledge can do it #PostGrad #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@SpeechAm wow - how did you pick the obscure profession of SLP for that paper?? (PS you forgot the #SLPsnQs hashtag so others won't see)
Ruth @tuitree
both my bros had slt so I always knew about it. I wanted a job with people + language + science. @SLPTanya #slpsnqs
Jen @SewingSLP
Attended med careers conf as hospital teen volunteer and heard an SLP speak. Said "mom, im going to be an SLP." #SLPsnQs
Tanya S @TanyaSSLP
Worked with a child w/Down Syndrome in a daycare & fell in love!! Did psych internship in SPED preschool, worked closely w/ SLP. #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@PrairieSLP wow, where did you take that inventory? That's very cool. So the inventories work for some people!!! #SLPsnQs
Sean Sweeney @SpeechTechie
@SLPTanya #slpsnqs I was interested in becoming PT/OT, a friend who recog'ed my interest in language suggested SLP. I'm like "what's that?"
Kimberly Murphy @kimberlyslp
@PrairieSLP I took an interest inventory, too! It was SLP or funeral director, so I decided to find out about SLP :). #SLPsnQs
Karen Head @speechninja
@slptanya #SLPsnQs I was an oil field chemist doing volunteer work with autistic kids. An OT friend told me about SLP and I was hooked :)
Christina Nixon @developmentalSL
#SLPsnQs I filled out a career ?aire and SLP came up. Took intro class and loved the mix of kids, adults ad medical!
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