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Meat Free Mondays

More ideas for meals with no meat!
Old El Paso UK @oldelpasouk

Here's another idea for a meat-free Monday meal - nachos with peppers, beans and jalapenos

24/10/2011 20:35:11 WIB
Old El Paso UK @oldelpasouk

Our Meat-free Monday suggestion -Spicy beanburgers served in a crunchy taco shell : #recipe #vegetarian

17/10/2011 16:01:50 WIB
The Beatles @BeatlesTweets

Paul releases his "Meat free Monday" recipe book. Yum.

24/10/2011 20:57:10 WIB
Vegetarian Society @vegsoc

A Swedish airline has become the first in the world to join the Meat Free Monday campaign

24/10/2011 20:30:15 WIB
Goodlife Foods @createagoodlife

Well, whaddaya know, Gary Barlow's going vegetarian for a month. Let's encourage him to keep it up!

24/10/2011 19:20:07 WIB
Vegan Omega3 EPA DHA @Omega3DHA

Paul McCartney new cook book for Meat Free Monday in time for One World Day with celebrity guests

24/10/2011 18:03:24 WIB
Stella McCartney @StellaMcCartney

As it's Meat Free Monday, we are making Jamie Oliver's recipe for crispy asparagus & potato tart What are you making?

24/10/2011 19:03:17 WIB
O The Oprah Magazine @OMagazineSA

Meat-Free Mondays made easy: Here are 7 handy tips to get you to commit!

24/10/2011 15:59:23 WIB
vegeta @vegetarian203

Meat-Free and Vegan Friendly Kale Salad Recipe - A Tasty and Uncooked Way To Consume Your Greens

24/10/2011 21:15:52 WIB
Emma Skipper @emmaskipper

If you're vegetarian you're going to love these

24/10/2011 16:15:07 WIB
The Pesky Veggie @peskyveggie

'Meat Free Monday' cookbook launched by Sir Paul McCartney -

24/10/2011 15:46:10 WIB

Hello Monday - why not make this your meat-free day of the week - viva la meat-free Mondays!

24/10/2011 16:47:09 WIB
Jasa Kanopi Surabaya @KanopiSurabaya_

Mushr00ms Str0gan0ff- A Delici0usly Meat-Free Main Dish

24/10/2011 17:58:45 WIB
Clare rudd @veggiexperience

Vegetable Stew for Meat Free Monday and a chilly Autumn Day

24/10/2011 16:59:19 WIB
Elaine Lemm @britishfood

Meat Free Monday - A Soup Perfect for Halloween Week: This week's Meat Free Monday Recipe is perfect for Hallow...

24/10/2011 19:41:28 WIB
qwruasgjlJacqueline @phamfatalecom

Lamb Meatball Recipe (Gluten Free Meatballs): My favorite meat by far is lamb. When seasoned properly, it is so ...

24/10/2011 17:45:00 WIB
Christina @shortiebrunetti

@vegsoc @meatfreemonday I'm meat free every day being a vegetarian ~smug look~

24/10/2011 21:11:31 WIB
Kirsty Bosley @Bozzers

I'm still meat free. Losing weight from all the worst places. GET OFF MY TUMMY, TUMMY.

24/10/2011 18:44:45 WIB
A Cook's Nook @ACooksNook

Looking for a meat-free monday recipe? Click here

24/10/2011 19:13:23 WIB
Pippa Kendrick @friendlyfood

It's meat free monday so why not try this delicious and #allergyfriendly Spiced Squash for supper tonight...

24/10/2011 19:43:35 WIB
Food On 4 @FoodOn4

So it's National Baking Week, and we're going veg crazy with #rivercottage - why not combine the two? Vegetable cakes!

17/10/2011 18:17:17 WIB
Meat Free Monday @MeatFreeMonday

If you have a genetic predisposition to heart disease then it's time to cultivate a dietary predilection for fruit...

17/10/2011 18:21:53 WIB
wendy stanger @kikicomp

RT @bbcgoodfood: Fancy a meat free Monday? Check out these quick veggie recipes: vegetarian#

17/10/2011 18:21:50 WIB
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Old El Paso UK @oldelpasouk 24/10/2011 22:56:48 WIB
It's Meat Free Monday again! More ideas for ideas to go veggie for one day a week.