Joke yang Lagi Ngetren, Saingan buat Istilah Transexual & Transgender: #Transfinancial

Shit. I confess I'm transfinancial
Dory @Dory

Shit, I'm transfinacial too

31/07/2015 01:56:35 WIB
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DoYourBest @MosesStewart7

I must confess: I am transfinancial; I have a Rich Man's body with a poor man's bank account; any one want to help me balance out??

10/07/2015 08:30:41 WIB
Mallam Battycash @Batarhe

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Transfinancial via @sosobelle

15/07/2015 04:24:13 WIB
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Jacob Chandler @jchandler_33

@SportsCenter I am a rich man trapped in a poor man's body. I am transfinancial. Please donate to help me with my identity crisis.

16/07/2015 09:32:20 WIB
mic @suplilmama

a similar "joke" where a white dude is "transfinancial" and actually raised almost $500 i'm appalled

30/07/2015 12:42:41 WIB
I’d like to keep it on please @stevenferazo

I'm nervous to admit & I hope everyone can accept for who I am but I'm transfinancial

30/07/2015 13:38:43 WIB
aron @Aaronphilia

I'm transfinancial I'm actually poor on the inside that's why I'm not gonna pay tax

30/07/2015 17:16:15 WIB
Presidential 👑 @LowkeyMo_

LOOOOOOOOL 'Transfinancial' uno 😭😭

31/07/2015 01:43:17 WIB
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K.O. @_KnockemOutKO

Im officially Transfinancial 😂😂😂😂😂

31/07/2015 01:53:28 WIB
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. @_Keal_

I have just seen a go fund me for a transfinancial woman. Jesus is coming soon. Like real soon. Before the next Avengers.

31/07/2015 06:56:29 WIB
jay @imEducated

This chick said she's "transfinancial" . She was born in the middle class but really was suppose to be born a millionaire 😂😂😂

31/07/2015 07:21:06 WIB
han ☆ @hannnnaheg

I finally gathered the courage to tell my mom that I'm #transfinancial

31/07/2015 08:05:04 WIB
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fatima @fatimaabdelgwad

@ FAFSA i'm transfinancial i identify as a rich girl but i am stuck in a poor girl's body and i need ur help 2 let me embrace who i truly am

31/07/2015 08:11:00 WIB
connOr claytoR @connor21claytor

Countdown to someone getting offended about the "transfinancial joke"

31/07/2015 08:23:19 WIB
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