Rekaman Tumbukan Asteroid Terbesar Ke-2 Sepanjang Sejarah dengan Bumi di Rusia Th 2013

Dalam sejarah manusia modern, asteroid yang jatuh di Rusia Febuari 2013, merupakan tumbukan meteor ke-2 terbesar pada Bumi.
Samantha Lucas @S4Mi3R43

How come i never heard about the asteroid that hit Russia in 2013?

03/05/2015 12:30:56 WIB
Bang Fak @TwitFAKTA

Asteroid yang jatuh di Rusia Februari 2013, setara dengan 30 bom atom yang memukul Hiroshima pada PD II.

30/07/2015 08:12:00 WIB
Fakta Google @FaktaGoogle

Dalam sejarah manusia modern, asteroid yang jatuh di Rusia Febuari 2013, merupakan tumbukan meteor ke-2 terbesar pada Bumi.

23/07/2015 19:20:39 WIB

ini penampakan asteroid yang jatuh di Rusia 15 Februari 2013 tahun 2013

Tommy Gun @T_hop35

In honor of #AsteroidDay here is a picture of the Chelyabinsk asteroid that hit Russia in 2013.…

30/06/2015 22:30:58 WIB
MSBB @MSblockbuilders

Meteorite Explosion - Russia Chelyabinsk 2/15/2013 - Asteroid expected to pass close by Earth #jre @joerogan seen?

27/07/2015 03:01:39 WIB
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Stars and Dinosaurs @Caveman_Costume

In February 2013, a stunning sight in the sky over Russia made international headlines. The light of an asteroid...

21/06/2015 21:59:41 WIB
Mr Friend @MrFriendPhysics

Y10. Meteorite (asteroid entering atmosphere) in Russia 2013.

03/06/2015 01:16:52 WIB
Thorgood D'Simon @_Thorgood

The Chelyabinsk meteor was a near-Earth asteroid that entered Earth's atmosphere over Russia on 15 February 2013....

12/08/2014 11:01:55 WIB
Fakstro Indonesia @FaktaAstronomy

Thn 2013, ledakan asteroid 600 kiloton menimpa Chelyabinsk, Russia. Thn 2009, ledakan mencapai lbh dr 20 kilotons menimpa Sulsel, Indonesia.

23/04/2014 16:12:46 WIB
Kevin Kross @aKrossTyme

Science Fact Of The Day: The asteroid that exploded over Russia in February 2013, injured about 1,500 people. Space can kill baby.

07/03/2014 04:04:08 WIB
Carol Kean @tea_in_carolina

Scary@PerihelionSF "The 2013 asteroid strike in Russia was NOT detected in advance by any observatory but if i...…

29/06/2015 09:55:36 WIB
Teresa Morris @teramaso Meteorite crash in Russia - Apparently has nothing to do with the passing of the 2012 DA14 Asteroid.

26/07/2015 09:05:05 WIB
Mo Farooq 🇬🇧🇦🇶⛳ @MoFarooq9

The asteroid that hit Russia in 2013 was the same size as the width of a football pitch 😳. #SecretsOfTheEarth

29/05/2015 04:24:55 WIB
OFFLINE @skythekidRS8171

Its just gonna kill people like one asteroid hit Russia and more than 2000 people died in 2013

01/05/2015 07:00:23 WIB

Beberapa informasi umum tentang asteroid

Tahukah Anda ? @AndaTahu

Kekuatan asteroid saat menghantam daratan lebih kuat dari air hujan.

28/07/2015 10:20:23 WIB
World and Science @WorldAndScience

visualisation of an asteroid's path of orbit which nearly collided with the Earth and Moon in 2003 - by #NASA

27/07/2015 04:22:05 WIB
Cassini @CassiniSaturn

Earth-based radar images capture the rotation of a passing asteroid.

24/07/2015 07:05:14 WIB
Austin Braun @AustinOnSocial

Did you know Jupiter guides the asteroid belt and prevents asteroids from falling into the sun?

23/07/2015 06:31:51 WIB

Pasca Russia 2013, tumbukan bumi dengan asteroid pernah diprediksikan kejadiannya beberapa kali

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