Successful Regional Tourism

Guest host Laura Beth Strickland from Visit Vicksburg MS & Visit the Mississippi Delta on how to succeed with regional tourism initiatives.
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Welcome to today's #tourismchat, on regional tourism programs w/host @lblyons. Pls intro yourself & tell us your fave summer jam (music.)

24/07/2015 02:00:20 WIB
Tia Troy @MontanaTia

Hi! So happy to be at #tourismchat today. I'm Tia from Montana. My summer jam is basically anything country.

24/07/2015 02:01:27 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Don't forget to include the #tourismchat hashtag in each tweet. @TweetChat or @Nurph makes that easier.

24/07/2015 02:02:02 WIB
Kim Schmidt @KimSchmidtND

Looking forward to the regional tourism ideas on today's #tourismchat!

24/07/2015 02:02:25 WIB
Leslie McLellan @LeslieMcLellan

HI from SoCal! I’m part of @tourismcurrents and @VisitSJV. Fave jam: You Get What You Give – New Radicals. #tourismchat

24/07/2015 02:02:38 WIB
The Walking Tourists @WalkingTourists

Hi, we are from #Omaha and right now on Pandora, just played a little RascalFlatts and KellyClarkson #tourismchat

24/07/2015 02:02:59 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Our #tourismchat guest host today is @lblyons w/ @VisitVicksburg & regional tourism assn @VisitTheDelta. Thx, Laura Beth! #VisitMS

24/07/2015 02:03:08 WIB
Vicky Soderberg @CygnetUpdates

Vicky from spectacular Montana - John Fogarty's "Centerfield" is one of my faves! Baseball!!!!! #tourismchat

24/07/2015 02:03:13 WIB
Frederic Gonzalo @gonzogonzo

Hello #tourismchat folks, Frederic here, from Quebec City where the sun is (finally) shining today!

24/07/2015 02:03:23 WIB
Kaitie Burger @KaitieBurger

Hello tourism land! Kaitie from @lehighvalleypa. I've been doing some desk dancing to Sylvan Esso over the last few weeks. #tourismchat

24/07/2015 02:04:07 WIB
Maggie Jackson @RoatanGallery

Checking in from Caribbean island of #Roatan. Manager & Creative Director, @ShawnJacksonRTB Photography. #tourismchat

24/07/2015 02:05:38 WIB
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Cat Kessler @cwkessle

Hi #tourismchat! Cat from @VisitAsheville here, lurking today as I take care of some deadlines & loving a song I heard in @VisitAustinTX.

24/07/2015 02:05:44 WIB
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