[AMAZING] Netizen Dunia Jatuh Hati pada Pesan "True Islam" Lewat Foto2 #snapchat #mecca_live

watch their comment ^^
awesomes Snapchat STORY
pakai snapchat? sudah mem-favoritkan #mecca_live ?
اقوال و حكم الفلاسفة @heekma
Here you are .. this is the place where we want #mecca_live to be all about on July 13th ! @Snapchat #snapchat pic.twitter.com/jyJEQHBZQq
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mecca_live story on snapchat telah memukau hati jutaan penduduk di muka bumi, khususnya warga luar negeri.
Lana Alresheed @LanaAlresheed
@Snapchat let the world watch 2 million people praying together in very smooth way with no complications #mecca_live pic.twitter.com/e54nRNncpC
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aPrinceOfPersia @HanLue217
I hope they put #mecca_live on snapchat! I really want to learn more about the Muslim faith!
Yasmin @yasmin_khann
Cannot believe I started crying watching the Mecca live snapchat story😂😩 its so beautiful pic.twitter.com/v6cpIWFTjP
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sonia @sonias_world
The Mecca live story on Snapchat is simply breathtaking! WOW!!
Christine Guzmán @christy_guzman
The #mecca_live story is one of the most beautiful ones you've done. Thank you @Snapchat 🙏🏼😊 #snapchat
Pakistan News @Pak_reuters
Snapchat honours Laylatul Qadr with live video feed of Makkah bit.ly/1L52uGR | etribune, Sports
🥀 @confidentalbabe
I swear that #mecca_live snap story made me cry💕 Thanks @Snapchat for showing #mecca_live .. Amazing video💕 Favorite snap story💕❤
honestly really love #mecca_live on Snapchat ,makes me sad bcs wanna go there 😢
even them, who aren't moslem are very touched by #mecca_live story on snapchat. They realize that islam is not like media's said.
Eeli @MrEskola
I feel so happy for all Muslims in the world. #Mecca_Live proves snapchat also truly cares about Muslims too, which is only right
Growlithe @omwantstobattle
I'm not Muslim but the #mecca_live snapchat story really is beautiful! Shows how peaceful Muslims truly are, despite the media's portrayal
chr @bhrisxo
I'm not muslim but seeing #mecca_live on snapchat made me realise how beautiful Islam is 💗
غــــيلان .. @Hs18863
I'm non Muslim but #mecca_live made me cry. I think #ISLAM IS A GOOD RELIGION 😍👏
Softy Ojiambo 🇰🇪 @softyoj
#mecca_live changes my perception torwards muslim community, am a non muslim but am just impressed.... true islam is peaceful and beautiful
Big dork energy❁ @escfromreality
Although I'm not a #. it was so beautiful to see so many people come together to embrace their religion.
Hassan Ishan @seefromthesky
. @Snapchat did what news medias failed to do in ages in seconds. Thank you for showing true Islam to the world. #mecca_live
Ethan Elumba @ecelumba
I'm not Muslim, but thank you, @Snapchat for opening my eyes to how beautiful and captivating the world of Islam truly is. #mecca_live
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