#DMAI15 Chat: Millennial Leaders in Destination Marketing

Destinations Int’l @destintl

Heavy #DMAI15 tweet warning in one hour. Join us for the second #30u30 chat at 2 pm E!

09/07/2015 00:00:06 WIB
Cat Kessler @cwkessle

Three minutes until today's #DMAI15 chat! Countdown initiated...

09/07/2015 00:58:12 WIB
Cat Kessler @cwkessle

Welcome back #DMAI15 #30u30’s & friends! Please introduce yourself & tell us how the packing is going for next week. #bringyerboots

09/07/2015 01:00:37 WIB
Marceline Dyer @MarcelineTvls

Hi! Marceline here, #30u30 for this year's #DMAI15. And I'm thinking it might be too hot to pack my boots!

09/07/2015 01:02:17 WIB
Kelly McGrail @holy_mcgrail

Hey! Kelly from @experiencegr -- I haven't even thought about it yet! #dmai15

09/07/2015 01:02:34 WIB
Cat Kessler @cwkessle

@MDyer_ExpCols Seriously! I just looked at the forecast. It will be toasty! #dmai15

09/07/2015 01:02:46 WIB
Jessica Carlton @JessCarlton

Hey there! Jessica here from @Go2HuntsvilleAL (Rocket City, USA). What is this you mention of packing? :) Any tips on must-brings? #DMAI15

09/07/2015 01:02:57 WIB
Liz Mabe @lizmabe

Hi all - Liz here from @ExploreBranson. I won't be at #DMAI15, but make sure to say hello to our CMO @Travel2LeahTown.

09/07/2015 01:03:12 WIB
Cat Kessler @cwkessle

So I'm Cat with @VisitAsheville, and my packing is definitely still in the theoretical stage. #dmai15

09/07/2015 01:03:45 WIB
Destinations Int’l @destintl

Hi everyone, it's @JoyLinDMAI tweeting on the chat today, and I'm packing mosquito repellent. #dmai15

09/07/2015 01:04:10 WIB
Cat Kessler @cwkessle

.@JessCarlton Definitely bring some comfortable shoes! It's a big event, and then there's so much to do after hours. #dmai15

09/07/2015 01:04:19 WIB
Liz Wood @LizWood115

Hey! Liz from @GoRockford in Illinois...and I won't think about packing until the night before leaving! #lastminute #DMAI15

09/07/2015 01:04:27 WIB
Lisa @TravelOften101

Hello! Lisa here from @TravelTacoma. Can't wait for next week. I have no idea what to pack #DMAI15

09/07/2015 01:04:58 WIB
Travel Tacoma - Mt. Rainier @TravelTacoma

Congratulations to Lisa Barker @TravelOften101 for being honored with #DMAI15 #30u30 Everyone here at @TravelTacoma is so proud of you!

09/07/2015 01:05:39 WIB
Marceline Dyer @MarcelineTvls

.@LizWood115 Definitely! I'm not usually one to pack way in advance! #DMAI15

09/07/2015 01:05:49 WIB
Derek Chase Allman @dcallman

Hello everyone. Derek here from @visitRaleigh. Looking forward to #DMAI15. Gonna' pack this weekend!

09/07/2015 01:05:52 WIB
Cat Kessler @cwkessle

Today we’re talking about Millennial leaders in destination marketing. Looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts. #DMAI15

09/07/2015 01:05:53 WIB
Marceline Dyer @MarcelineTvls

@cwkessle Right? We're not hitting 70* in Columbus today, but Austin will be MUCH MUCH warmer! Whew! #DMAI15

09/07/2015 01:06:30 WIB
Jessica Carlton @JessCarlton

@cwkessle GREAT advice! I always regret not having comfy shoes, but I'll be sure not to make that mistake at #DMAI15

09/07/2015 01:06:41 WIB
Cat Kessler @cwkessle

Remember to include #DMAI15 in your tweets & use A1, A2 in your answers to questions Q1, Q2, etc. We want to know which Q your A is for!

09/07/2015 01:07:13 WIB
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