Dell Future-Ready Enterprise

Dell Future-Ready Enterprise
Computer sonicwall security threat Dell IOT enterprise firewall
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"Dell Future-Ready Enterprise" by @dell_indonesia. Thanks for the Prayer Room. Verry appreciate it ^_^
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Productivity & mobility - EUC built for business by Vishal Laroia. @dell_indonesia @Dell @irpanisme
Technology trends are forcing changes on the way you do business. Mobile gadgets, social media, cloud. @dell_indonesia @Dell @irpanisme
Changes come with challenges: security, manageability, availability, reliability, TCO, Scalability. @dell_indonesia @Dell @irpanisme
Technology seen as providing incremental improvements in quality of life and work. @Dell @dell_indonesia @irpanisme
Encryption, Authentication and Malware Prevention are security solutions from @Dell, when we talk about security. @dell_indonesia @irpanisme
@Dell end-to-end portfolio: Devices, Management, Security & Infrastructure, Applications. #FutureReady #Enterprise @dell_indonesia @irpanisme
Wireless Display, Docking and Charging are one @Intel innovation for enhanced user experience. #FutureReady #Enterprise @dell_indonesia @irpanisme
#IoT gateway is a device that help various devices with different protocol able to talk one and eachother. #FutureReady #Enterprise @irpanisme
New Demands on It. App modernization&rationalization. Exponential data&app growth. Aging, inefficient & Complex data center. @dell_indonesia @irpanisme
Mobile, social & BYOD demands. New challenges of It. @irpanisme
#FutureReady #Enterpris: A scalable end-to-end approach: Rapid time to value. Superior ease of use. Unrivaled flexibility to adapt. @irpanisme
@Dell ProSupport Plus: Proactive and Preventive support for business critical enterprise system. #FutureReady #Enterprise @dell_indonesia
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