Beredar di Dunia Maya, Cerita Angelina Jolie Tentang Bukti ISIS itu Bukan Islam

Beredar di dunia maya, screen capture status Angelina Jolie mengenai ISIS bukan Islam
أسمـاء @freakysima

Angelina Jolie talking about an ISIS "Terrorism has no religion"

03/07/2015 21:53:38 WIB
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Qais Ali @QaisAli1982

ISIS is not islam ,, terrorism has no religion quoted from "angelina Jolie"

03/07/2015 19:29:59 WIB
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🇸🇦💚💚 @Soma_juve_1993

This is what the American actress Angelina Jolie, said the truth about Isis, kindly share it as much as you can.

04/07/2015 06:52:13 WIB
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♕minah - bday girl❤️ @bey5hperry

ISIS IS NOT ISLAM ..... I just love Angelina

05/07/2015 08:39:15 WIB
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قديم @TheDukeFleed

I'm not sure if this was posted really by #AngelinaJolie , but it's so true. #ISIS #islam #IslamicState

05/07/2015 08:14:06 WIB
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belal @eblees

As if if Angelina Jolie's support for Palestine or the war against ISIS would make a difference, it doesn't matter 😕

04/07/2015 03:00:07 WIB
Jika disimak dari halaman page-nya, tidak ada bukti jelas bahwa itu adalah akun resmi si artis
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