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. @RyoutaX10

The first survival month did went well. Of course, as long as those credit cards don't lose. Living alone as a freelancer is -

26/06/2015 23:03:23 WIB
. @RyoutaX10

- not as easy as he thought. He would need more expenses to cover up his apartment cost, and not to forget; adding the services, -

26/06/2015 23:05:24 WIB
. @RyoutaX10

- covering his daily meal, and other things. Those butlers and maids used to served him homemade high quality foods and they would -

26/06/2015 23:07:30 WIB
. @RyoutaX10

- do all his chores, but now he needs to do probably double the efforts as they did back then. It was his choice, after all. -

26/06/2015 23:10:13 WIB
. @RyoutaX10

- The sudden insomnia that night brought the room resonanced with a shrill, high-pitched sound of the acoustic guitar he picked. -

26/06/2015 23:13:20 WIB
. @RyoutaX10

- Three strings have been held due to his practice of the basic G chord. His fingers were stiff enough to follow along the flow -

26/06/2015 23:14:48 WIB
. @RyoutaX10

- to change it to a C chord. Not surprising enough to be called a newbie, indeed. Once, he would lie himself on the white -

26/06/2015 23:17:06 WIB
. @RyoutaX10

- and fluffy bedcover, sliding his iPhone's lock to check the message which brought him a failure to a vocalist-hiring audition -

26/06/2015 23:19:25 WIB
. @RyoutaX10

- once again. For the consecutive seventh times. ...Well, he could only let out a sigh.

26/06/2015 23:21:47 WIB


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