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WBON Central Vt Chapter 10-12-2011

Presentation by Sherry Rhynard, Ease of Flow
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

We're great doers...that's what our culture supports. Take time to just BE. #wbonCV

12/10/2011 20:42:01 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

Get out of your head: smile, dance, enjoy the view. #wbonCV

12/10/2011 20:46:02 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

Ask: is that thought true? Is that thought serving me? what evidence do I have? #wbonCV

12/10/2011 20:48:47 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

Stress makes us crave sugar & carbs. Eat fruit or protein, which support adrenals. #wbonCV

12/10/2011 20:52:43 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

Rest after eating! It helps us to digest well. #wbonCV

12/10/2011 20:56:38 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

Better to eat protein with veggies (esp. greens), not protein+carbs so your body can process better. #wbonCV

12/10/2011 21:00:48 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

Meditate daily. 10 mins is all it takes to set your intention early or unwind at day's end. It's free & you can do it anywhere. #wbonCV

12/10/2011 21:17:37 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

Have an attitude of gratitude. Look for the good things in life & put your attn there. #wbonCV

12/10/2011 21:21:21 WIB
Amy Shollenberger @amyaction

Be your own best friend. Give yourself the support you need w/good sleep, exercise, whole food. #wbonCV

12/10/2011 21:25:17 WIB


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