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#tourismchat @tourismchat

5 minutes till today's #tourismchat about online travel media, w/ @meetDMAI & @TourismCurrents. Fill your coffee cups!

30/06/2015 02:55:08 WIB
Tourism Currents @TourismCurrents

Putting on our @tourismchat hats to run #tourismchat w/co-host @meetDMAI in 2 minutes (3pm Central.) Join us!

30/06/2015 02:58:05 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Welcome to today's #tourismchat! Pls take a moment to introduce yourself & tell us your fave summer dessert. :)

30/06/2015 03:00:29 WIB
Joy Lin @ohhiJoyLin

I'm skipping lunch for #tourismchat starting now. That's how much I love @meetDMAI. #DMAI15

30/06/2015 03:00:30 WIB
Brian Whitaker @br_whitaker

Very excited to be here. It has been a while #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:00:40 WIB
Donna Hull @DonnaLHull

Hello #tourismchat. It's been too long. Happy to be here today.

30/06/2015 03:01:34 WIB
Brian Whitaker @br_whitaker

I am Brian with Chicagoland Transportation Solutions. A transportation, group tour and receptive in Chicago. Fresh Watermelon #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:01:36 WIB
matadornetwork @MatadorNetwork

@tourismchat hey from Matador! Can't say no to a gelato in the summer heat. #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:01:40 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Don't forget to include the #tourismchat hashtag in each tweet. @TweetChat & @Nurph can make that easier.

30/06/2015 03:02:03 WIB
Traveling Murphy @TravelingMurphy

Krisilee Murphy with @EACVB in @ElginIL. My favorite summer dessert is Sangria! #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:02:14 WIB
Bob Foley @bobf_vstpgh

@tourismchat Bob Foley, VisitPittsburgh. Favorite dessert is always ice cream. #tourismchat.

30/06/2015 03:02:23 WIB
LauraBeth Strickland @lblyons

I'm Laura Beth from @visitvicksburg and are daiquiris considered a dessert? #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:02:27 WIB
Dominique King @midwestguest

@tourismchat Dominique King, Midwest Guest-a regional travel blog. I'm fond of sorbetto or lemon-lime slushes :) #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:02:38 WIB
Tourism Currents @TourismCurrents

This is Leslie, you'll see @SheilaS tweeting from @tourismchat today. We love pie year 'round, in the summer a la mode. #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:02:54 WIB
Sarah Kurtanich @bysarahrae

Hello @tourismchat! I'm Sarah and I work for a DMO in central Maryland. It would have to be strawberry shortcake #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:02:59 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Look at all the faces here today - yay! :) #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:03:22 WIB
Donna Hull @DonnaLHull

Donna Hull here. I write about active travel for baby boomers at My Itchy Travel Feet. #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:03:50 WIB
Vicky Soderberg @CygnetUpdates

Hi, I'm Vicky from Cygnet Strategies in hot, hot, hot Montana. Fresh strawberries piled with real whipped cream! #tourismchat

30/06/2015 03:04:09 WIB
Tui Snider: Even Home is a Travel Destination @TuiSnider

I'm a travel writer & former Wa State barista living in North Texas. My fave summer dessert is a homemade mocha frappuccino! #TourismChat

30/06/2015 03:04:10 WIB
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