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Hahaha.. Kata2 "Paksaan" Orang Tua Di India Agar Anaknya Cepat Menikah #indianparentslogic


Banyak hal yang dilakukan orang tua agak anaknya segera menikah, termasuk kata-kata konyol seperti para orang tua di India ini... @quackquackin

Indian Marriage Logic - Your father's reputation will be ruined #HappilySingle Full Camp:

26/02/2015 20:00:33 WIB
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Indian marriage logic - Your younger sister cannot get married until you do! #happilysingle

02/03/2015 21:00:46 WIB
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Indian Marriage Logic - Because my neighbours are more interested in my marriage #HappilySingle #PartnersByChoice

26/02/2015 18:30:12 WIB
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Indian Marriage Logic - Look at your younger cousin! #HappilySingle Full Camp:

02/03/2015 18:00:08 WIB
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Indian Marriage Logic - There is something wrong with you! #HappilySingle Full Camp:

26/02/2015 19:30:22 WIB
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Indian Marriage Logic - The guy is from a rich family, he will keep you happy! #HappilySingle #PartnersByChoice

26/02/2015 17:54:06 WIB
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We asked people why their parent's wanted them to get married and this is what they had to say! #HappilySingle 03/22

24/02/2015 20:51:05 WIB
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