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People get shot at #Copt protests, #Cairo, #Egypt: #Maspero #Maspiro

Troy Carter @CarterTroy

Egypt's October 6 celebrations accompanied by protests in #Tahrir. #video #egypt (for @Caravan_AUC)

09/10/2011 20:59:06 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Not a single promise made by Tantawi/#SCAF to date lacked the conjunction: 'but'. #SCAF

09/10/2011 21:11:38 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

#Maspero stand to start in just under an hour. If you're against what happened to the #EdfuChurch and many other churches, try to be there.

09/10/2011 21:20:13 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Many political parties are participating in #Maspero's stand today. While it's scheduled to last till 8pm, I hope it doesn't turn chaotic.

09/10/2011 21:22:01 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

I am also going to join the #Maspero stand in to object to the treatment of protestors last Wednesday.

09/10/2011 21:23:18 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

ويا نتعامل معاملة هنية يا نتحاكم كلنا محاكمات عسكرية! #Maspero

09/10/2011 21:30:30 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

''I tried to find the sound, but then it stopped. And I was in the darkness. so darkness I became''

09/10/2011 22:04:59 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Hymns being sung in #Maspero and lyrics being handed out. People praying in song for a miracle.

09/10/2011 22:16:57 WIB
حياة اليماني 🦌 @HaYatElYaMaNi

RT @ajmmisr: عاجل: المشير طنطاوي يعلن وقف المحاكمات العسكرية في حق المدنيين بإستثناء الحالات التي ينطبق عليها القانون العسكري#ajmmisr

09/10/2011 22:20:40 WIB
حياة اليماني 🦌 @HaYatElYaMaNi

عاش كفاح "لا للمحاكمات العسكرية " مبروك يا @Monasosh

09/10/2011 22:21:36 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Tight cordon by Military police keeping us far enough from the buildinG. #Maspero

09/10/2011 22:22:39 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Chants are emotionally charged and resilient. Protestors adamnt to be loud despite reasonably small numbers.. #Maspero

09/10/2011 22:25:03 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Man now refusing any religious slogans, says he wants his right as an Egyptian. #Maspero

09/10/2011 22:25:32 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

The man is a very young looking priest, now receiving applause for what he said #Maspero refuses ANY discrimination or extremism

09/10/2011 22:26:51 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

‏'مسلم مسيحي مايهمنيش..دي بلدنا وفيها هانعيش' #Maspero

09/10/2011 22:28:37 WIB
sherief @sherieffff

في المسيرة at the march now

09/10/2011 22:30:20 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Chants now against the Military Policy #Maspero

09/10/2011 22:33:00 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

chants calling Tantawi a son of Mubarak, and that Tora prison awaits him! #Maspero

09/10/2011 22:35:38 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Chants: Tantawy Barra Barra. People excited! #Maspero

09/10/2011 22:36:10 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Chants recounting all that's happened to churches across Egypt. And screaming down with the marshal. #Maspero

09/10/2011 22:37:32 WIB
Zeinobia is at home 🏡 @Zeinobia

It seems that the rally in Shoubra is under attack

09/10/2011 22:37:36 WIB
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb

Can anyone confirm?? RT @Zeinobia: It seems that the rally in Shoubra is under attack

09/10/2011 22:38:15 WIB
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