Foto: Trending di Sosmed China: Sentuh Pusar Dari Belakang 'Belly Button Challenge'

Ada trend baru dari China : Belly Button Challenge, dimana kamu melakukan tantangan meraih pusar perut dengan tangan, tapi lewat 'jalur' belakang
alexandra doten @adotes


16/06/2015 22:07:59 WIB
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Mashable @mashable

This weird "belly button challenge" is taking over Chinese social media:

13/06/2015 10:39:02 WIB
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'Belly Button Challenge' Seberapa Kurus Kamu? Ini Buktinya!

12/06/2015 23:18:45 WIB
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Rubby Lim @allinonesgnews

Celebs join belly button challenge to show their good figures #showbiz #sg

11/06/2015 18:39:22 WIB
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Daniel Ada @DanielAda1960

People Are Taking the Belly Button Challenge to See if They Need to Lose Weight (6 pics)

16/06/2015 22:00:54 WIB
Joshua Blissett @jbiz13

If you do the belly button challenge, we can't be friends... #nothashtaggingit #stupid

16/06/2015 20:20:22 WIB
𝓐𝓵𝓲𝓪𐇵 @cyxl_

so i ask majority all girls in my classmates do belly button challenge and guess what only one person pass

16/06/2015 18:57:47 WIB
rin ⇆ 순솔 @Vernonono


16/06/2015 17:48:48 WIB
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Namun trend ini dinilai tidak sehat karena dapat menimbulkan rasa nggak PD bagi yang gagal dg tantangan tsb
su-jin Yang @sj_74

Belly Button Challenge: Could It Be Sending the Wrong Message to You Kids? - @ABC News…

16/06/2015 20:57:38 WIB
URL The Kim Komando Show Doctors are warning against 'the bellybutton challenge' | What happened to the idea that online challenges contribute to the greater good? The Ice Bucket Challenge had the right idea in raising millions of dollars for ALS research last ye...
URL HelloGiggles We have some real concerns about the #BellyButtonChallenge If your feed has been flooded with friends awkwardly contorting themselves to touch their belly buttons lately, don't worry: You're not alone. The #BellyButtonChallenge is the latest "health craze" sweeping the Internet — but while it's been rapidly gaini
Netizen banyak yang mengkritik trend ini
Richard H. @rbjhensley

Haha freaking belly button challenge 😂😂 what is wrong with the generation

16/06/2015 20:20:26 WIB
Audrey D. Brashich @AudreyBrashich

Ok, so the #bellybuttonchallenge (where u reach around ur own torso to try to touch ur bellybutton) needs to stop.

16/06/2015 22:02:26 WIB
Jasmin Garr @radjazz94

@mashable there are more important things in the world and this isn't one of them

13/06/2015 10:44:27 WIB
Penny Duda @PennyDuda

Belly button challenge. Really? Go read a book, selfie yourself doing something good for your brain. Geez!

16/06/2015 20:54:34 WIB
FZero @fzero2245

What the HELLLLL is this new Belly Button Challenge? They may need to teach "Common Sense" class in a school..#Stupid #makebetteruseoftime

16/06/2015 19:03:01 WIB
kate @ultbygguk

this belly-button challenge is not cool, now I'm felling bad about my body, THIS IS NOT COOL, oh sehun u're hot but I'm not

11/06/2015 21:28:39 WIB
zhermaine 🥀 @staticsykes

being able to do the belly button challenge doesn't determine whether you're healthy or not, so if you can't do it just like me, ignore it

16/06/2015 21:26:00 WIB
Missa @MagickalMissa

Please don't ask me to do the Belly Button Challenge. I may have a lot of things, but a tiny waist isn't one of them.

16/06/2015 20:18:09 WIB
Athena @chap8kis

That belly button challenge thing is dumb af it's not about being skinny it has to do with flexibility go away weird viral trends in china

16/06/2015 07:05:38 WIB
Fairy Spice 🧚🏼‍♀️✨ @ChelseaJPagano

Thigh gaps, Kylie Jenner lip challenge and now this belly button challenge ? These are NOT "goals". Be you. Love you. That's the only goal.

16/06/2015 08:11:55 WIB


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