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[Foto & Video] Kecelakaan Panggung Dave Grohl Pentolan Nirvana & Foo Fighter

keren ya si om ini! @tumbenlucu

#DaveGrohl sekarang lagi jadi trending topic twitter, ini sebabnya!

URL CNN Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl breaks leg, but finishes show - Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters' front man, broke his leg during a concert in Gothenburg, Sweden, but returned to finish the show.
Hari Jumat kemarin, pas lagi konser bareng Foo Fighters di Swedia, Dave Grohl jatuh dari panggung dan kakinya patah bro!
The Telegraph @Telegraph

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl falls off stage, breaks leg, finishes gig…

13/06/2015 14:31:07 WIB
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Tapi setelah jatuh dan patah kaki, Dave Grohl bilang ke penonton kalau dia bakalan ngelanjutin konsernya sampe abis!!

claire. @blissfulfiction

no one is more rock and roll than dave grohl

13/06/2015 04:19:49 WIB
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Lastofadyingbreed @lastofadying1

Just been sent this off @_ConnorSmithh Dave Grohl making sure the show must go on!! 🎤🎵💪 #Legend @foofighters

13/06/2015 14:11:32 WIB
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Aaron @_aaroncopeland

So basically Dave Grohl broke his leg at a concert in Sweden, got a cast on it and finished the show. What a guy.❤️

13/06/2015 04:01:38 WIB
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Eh beneran loh diterusin, nih foto dan videonya

Adib Hidayat @AdibHidayat

Dave Grohl injured after fall from stage during @FooFighters concert in Sweden!…

13/06/2015 08:26:10 WIB
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Matt Bosso @MattBosso

When you want to call in sick Monday, remember that Dave Grohl broke his leg on stage today & still finished the set

13/06/2015 04:28:51 WIB
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Kejadian ini bikin para fans dan masyarakat salut sama om yang satu ini!

Secret Sessions @Secret_Sessions

As if we needed any more proof that Dave Grohl was a total hero!

13/06/2015 14:44:56 WIB
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struzzo Ibiza @NauticalIbiza

Fall off stage, break leg, go to hospital, set leg, return to concert and finish your live performance. Dave Grohl!!

13/06/2015 14:48:13 WIB
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Martyn Havell @BadWilf

HUGE respect to Dave Grohl. But also, to that medic. Not easy to kneel down and hold a leg still for a an hour +

13/06/2015 14:53:01 WIB
Nour @wineandthesea

Dave Grohl actually broke his leg during a show but continued performing nevertheless. What a legend.

13/06/2015 14:53:16 WIB
Lyoubi @iyyeub

Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl just broke his foot on a concert,play while he gets a cast on…

13/06/2015 14:40:28 WIB
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