Buah Bibir Internet: Lamaran Kerja Cerdas & Mengesankan @ninamufleh

Awalnya dari aplikasi pekerjaan yang tak kunjung diterima, akhirnya Nina Mufleh membuat website khusus resumenya lengkap dengan pengetahuannya tentang perusahaan tsb

Link resumenya :

URL nina4airbnb nina4airbnb
Nina langsung di respon oleh CEO dan co-founder Airbnb
Brian Chesky @bchesky

@ninamufleh I am reviewing right now. Very impressive :)

22/04/2015 00:03:33 WIB
Aksinya menuai banyak pujian dan bahkan Nina diundang ke acara kampus untuk menginspirasi mahasiswa lain
Salah Almhamdi @salahalmhamdi

I liked your idea. nina4airbnb.com I'm proud of you @ninamufleh I want to replicate it to get an MA scholarship at a good universty

08/06/2015 17:07:40 WIB
Ayuphita Tiara @ayuphie

Hi @ninamufleh showed your awesome resume for airbnb to my students and what resilience meant..they were in awe:) thank youuuuuu

05/06/2015 19:16:33 WIB
Catherine F. Simon @catherinefsimon

Now that's what we call not giving up. A woman created an awesome resume to land her dream job at Airbnb buff.ly/1KKNpts

04/06/2015 20:26:01 WIB
PANGIE @PangieTweets

@ninamufleh good stuff Nina! ... You got skills holding that mic! Like your gonna bust one of the illest freestyles of 2015! ✊🎤👩🏻

04/06/2015 09:33:55 WIB
LumaQ @LumaQ

Brains, passion AND stage presence. @Mildenhall you'd be so lucky to have her on your team youtu.be/ReMqY_kLZ2o @ninamufleh

03/06/2015 01:11:28 WIB
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Breanna Faye @_breannafaye

@ninamufleh absolutely love your flare and your style. hoping you get ALL that you're after with that amazing airbnb application :)

02/06/2015 00:12:17 WIB
Leos Stehlik @leos_stehlik

mindblowing, clever + enjoyed reading the report. Good luck @ninamufleh hope @Airbnb will not miss out to hire you! A+++ for #socialselling

30/05/2015 00:35:15 WIB
Carie Small @CarieIsSoVery

@ninamufleh I've used @Airbnb many times. This Is incredible, Nina! You are exactly the type of person I see with that company. Good luck!

23/04/2015 12:36:25 WIB
Louisa Lee 🌳🌲🌴🌵 @louisalee

@ninamufleh @Airbnb As a "cereal" entrepreneur myself and an employer, this is the dream job application "letter" I hope to receive!

26/04/2015 12:12:24 WIB
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