Udah pada liat belum? Baru baru ini heboh video aktor pemeran transformer Shia Labeouf yang ngasih pidato motivasi di youtube :D
Liz Meghan @iheartmakeup92
That Shia Labeouf video makes my life. Omg 😂
Tak Fujii 藤井隆之 @Tak_Fujii
SHIA LABEOUF is way extreeeeeeeeemer than me.
timthetatman @timthetatman
I google like "how do I cook eggs" and there is some shia labeouf video of him yelling at me on how I need to cook eggs. "JUST DO IT"

Liat dulu nih video aslinya :D

Ya namanya juga internet ya, langsung muncul deh parodi parodi lainnya... macem macem!!
Shia feat Batman vs Superman
Shia feat Star Wars
Parodi dari James Franco :D
Shia feat genteng orang wkwk
Shia feat Autotune :D
Ini sih yang paling the BEST!

Nih yang mau liat lebih banyak :D

URL CNET Green scream: The top 10 Shia LaBeouf motivational mashup videos - CNET When Shia LaBeouf, a movie star who's no longer famous (his words), went crazy in front of a green screen for an art school video, the Internet stepped in to do what it does best.


Himanshumishra @Himanshu__misra 04/05/2018 12:44:22 WIB
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