The 11th Dialogue, Fukushima "The Role of Measurements in Regaining Control." (Day2) May 31st, 2015

Tweets from the 11th Dialogue seminar of ICRP, Fukushima "The Role of Measurements in Regaining Control" Day2. Japanese version (by @birdtaka) here: Day 1 here: ICRP Dialogue:
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Opening / Self introduction
hiroki @hirokiharoki
Day2. Introduction of new perticipants.

(Some attached documents and movies are in English. Others are in Japanese. English speaker participant's movies and documents are in English. Japanese participant's movies are in Japanese. Documents are in English or Japanese.)

Session 3: Recovering everyday life
hiroki @hirokiharoki
Session3:recovering everyday life
Recovering everyday life in Suetsugi

(I couldn't tweet much in some presentations. Please check each of the documents (and movies) for details.)

Maiko Momma (Suetsugi): Measuring as a facilitator of the district ( 20 min)
hiroki @hirokiharoki
Ms.Monma:local residents of Suetsugi. Measuring as a facilitator. rural area. some houses uses underground water. we communicate. important.

see weed --> seaweed

hiroki @hirokiharoki
every Tuesday. we measure Sansai and see weeds. Koshiabura. they are proud of these local food. while measuring radiation, we talk
hiroki @hirokiharoki
our food radiation detector was small. detection limit was not quite low. but it was useful enough.
hiroki @hirokiharoki
fig. here. 1Bq/kg. we explain and talk. I'm not expert. but we talk as daily measurment. 100Bq or not, it was enough, in a way.
hiroki @hirokiharoki
beyond 100Bq/kg. we cannot eat? Shiitake mushroom. cooking. it was quite good.
Ryoko Ando (Iwaki): Measurement and handling of the value (20 min)
hiroki @hirokiharoki
Ms.Ando:not just the numbers. 100huseholds in Suetsugi. In house evacuation zone was lifted. Soudanin Seido started this January.

Ms.Monma is one of the Soudanin(radiation problem communiction expert in each local areas) from this newly created Soudanin Seido by Japanese Government.

hiroki @hirokiharoki
measured food. 3.2Bq/kg, what does it mean? high or low? compared to others. we took WBC data continuesly. we measure with WBC.
hiroki @hirokiharoki
chech food, eating food, use WBC. with this cycle, we can check our eating habit. as,Ms.Monma mentioned, our food checker cannot detect
hiroki @hirokiharoki
...details. we can use another checker at local gov. if we wanted. ..standard value is not really working.
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