Yafest Ethnic Color Party 2015

SMA Yapemri Depok presents Yafest Ethnic Color Party 2015 on 23 May 2015
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Me and @ravecolony came to Yafest Ethnic Color to support avveofficial at the first color party ever… instagram.com/p/3BMnyQqRTo/

23/05/2015 16:03:14 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

This is how the students of SMA Yapemri partied to avveofficial performance. Colors everywhere!!! #djinstagram.com/p/3Bb0LOKRXR/

23/05/2015 18:16:00 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

When avveofficial asked the students to party with @iconapop song. They responded with throwing color… instagram.com/p/3Bdo_VKRcJ/

23/05/2015 18:31:57 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

So @jeiarouge of avveofficial started to bring new instrument onstage. As a drummer herself, her… instagram.com/p/3BfYlmKRTF/

23/05/2015 18:47:11 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Finally @jeiarouge of avveofficial showcasing her drum skill. Well this video is not fully showing… instagram.com/p/3Bgt6sqRWD/

23/05/2015 18:58:50 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

So @jeiarouge of avveofficial hit the drums at @yafest_ Ethnic Color Party with song from @zedd &… instagram.com/p/3BhiymKRXr/

23/05/2015 19:06:04 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Finally avveofficial played their single "Alive With You" at @yafest_ Ethnic Color Party. You wanna… instagram.com/p/3BmP3xKRRu/

23/05/2015 19:47:10 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

With that pose, @jeiarouge of avveofficial looks like a soldier at @yafest_ Ethnic Color Party. So… instagram.com/p/3BorhVKRW9/

23/05/2015 20:08:25 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Me and the crowd at @yafest_ Ethnic Color. The event totally a blast and full with colors. Thanks… instagram.com/p/3BpUGHqRYT/

23/05/2015 20:13:57 WIB


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