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Julian #Assange: ''Wikileaks Has Not Gone Far Enough' #fodi Sep30 2011

Can Wikileaks can bring about a brave new world of government openness and accountability? Assange has changed journalism, politics and international affairs , blowing institutionalized secrecy apart and bringing with it transparency. Has Wikileaks gone far enough?
rphillipps @rphillipps

Simon longstaff opening for Assange at #FODI. He will be moderated by Fran Kelly.

30/09/2011 18:04:31 WIB
rphillipps @rphillipps

A says heartened by Aus support. Not Gllard. #FODI.

30/09/2011 18:08:44 WIB

JA: It was the Australian public that quelled the reaction of political & intel groups in Dec 2010 #FODI

30/09/2011 18:10:50 WIB
rphillipps @rphillipps

Foi docs 80% redacted. A says good argt for Wilileaks #FODI

30/09/2011 18:11:38 WIB

JA holds up some heavily redacted pages of an FoI request made to Aus govt, to audience laughter... #FODI

30/09/2011 18:13:10 WIB

"this is why Wikileaks exists", says JA. holding up the FoI docs #FODI

30/09/2011 18:14:26 WIB
Suzie Graham ~ @suzieis

"We should all be burdened with the truth. We cannot live with illusion" #FODI #Assange

30/09/2011 18:15:00 WIB
rphillipps @rphillipps

JA was heartened by Solzhenitsyn when he was locked up #FODI - we should all be burdened with the truth - else we live a lie.

30/09/2011 18:15:02 WIB

It is not possible to determine what is true but possible to determine what is false with enough information #FODI

30/09/2011 18:17:48 WIB

JA describing the application of methodology such as physics to pare away false information is what makes WL ethos #FODI

30/09/2011 18:19:37 WIB
M @m_cetera

RT @petermcevoy: #fodi the proper way to understand modern institutions is by seizing raw data. #Assange

30/09/2011 18:19:48 WIB

We have fleshed out a hidden part of civilization by opening up the historical record #FODI

30/09/2011 18:20:58 WIB
darren @darrenpauli

Assange says Wikileaks has not gone far enough. Says US shadow state is more than a cold war relic, and is expanding #FODI #infosec #antisec

30/09/2011 18:24:51 WIB

A transnational shadow state has developed recently that is not simply a Cold War relic (cites Dana Priest's Top Secret America) #FODI

30/09/2011 18:24:32 WIB
💧Mary Kostakidis @MaryKostakidis

#FODI "Vast shadow state exists in US - one in 300 individuals have security clearance. It's a growing cancer" #Assange

30/09/2011 18:27:05 WIB

J now describing the massive, privatized security complex that feeds of the tax base as a 'cancer' #FODI

30/09/2011 18:30:06 WIB
Suzie Graham ~ @suzieis

"Until we know the civilization we are working in we cannot possibly address the problems of our civilization" #Assange #FODI

30/09/2011 18:30:41 WIB
💧Mary Kostakidis @MaryKostakidis

#FODI #Wikileaks is a boat with torpedo holes, taking water & the captain is not yet in prison but even if W is destroyed others will cont"

30/09/2011 18:33:34 WIB

There is a chance that Wikileaks may be eventually destroyed; many have been inspired to start similar work but v. hard to pull off #FODI

30/09/2011 18:37:11 WIB
💧Mary Kostakidis @MaryKostakidis

#FODI "Visa Mastercrd Paypal Bnk of America blockade has wiped out 95% income. In your wallet is an instrument of unstatd US foreign policy"

30/09/2011 18:38:00 WIB

Assange: the financial blockade reveals not the power of the United States, but the 'shadow state' #FODI

30/09/2011 18:41:41 WIB
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf

#Assange is correct: ever increasing number of whistleblower and leak sites prove punitive action against #Manning is not a deterrent #FODI

30/09/2011 18:45:44 WIB
💧Mary Kostakidis @MaryKostakidis

#FODI "extremely abusive treatment of Bradley Manning designed to scare others. But he has set an example - you can achieve change".

30/09/2011 18:42:00 WIB
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