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Julian Assange speaking at FODI

Julian Assange speaking at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney, 30 September 2011. Panel was entitled, "WikiLeaks has not gone far Enough."
Maddie Barton @mhbartoning

Alright Assange, let's see what you got.

30/09/2011 17:53:02 WIB
Cassie Findlay @CassPF

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House is filling up for #Assange's 'Wikileaks has not gone far enough' talk for #fodi #fodiWL

30/09/2011 17:53:29 WIB
💧Mary Kostakidis @MaryKostakidis

Full house to see #Assange via live link tonight at Sydney Opera House

30/09/2011 18:00:33 WIB

Simon Longstaff giving intro tonite. Moderator tonight is ABC journo Fran Kelly #FODI

30/09/2011 18:06:11 WIB
Suzie Graham ~ @suzieis

#FODI Assange about to start - talking to Fran Kelly future of wikilealks

30/09/2011 18:05:55 WIB
Alicia Rich @AliciaRich

assange on the screen! a rousing applause from the sell out crowd #FODI

30/09/2011 18:07:45 WIB
darren @darrenpauli

Massive response to Assange appearing via live sat link #FODI

30/09/2011 18:12:39 WIB
rphillipps @rphillipps

A says heartened by Aus support. Not Gllard. #FODI.

30/09/2011 18:08:44 WIB

JA: It was the Australian public that quelled the reaction of political & intel groups in Dec 2010 #FODI

30/09/2011 18:10:50 WIB
rphillipps @rphillipps

Foi docs 80% redacted. A says good argt for Wilileaks #FODI

30/09/2011 18:11:38 WIB

JA holds up some heavily redacted pages of an FoI request made to Aus govt, to audience laughter... #FODI

30/09/2011 18:13:10 WIB

"this is why Wikileaks exists", says JA. holding up the FoI docs #FODI

30/09/2011 18:14:26 WIB
darren @darrenpauli

Assange says we should all be burdened with the truth #FODI

30/09/2011 18:14:15 WIB
rphillipps @rphillipps

JA was heartened by Solzhenitsyn when he was locked up #FODI - we should all be burdened with the truth - else we live a lie.

30/09/2011 18:15:02 WIB
Suzie Graham ~ @suzieis

"We should all be burdened with the truth. We cannot live with illusion" #FODI #Assange

30/09/2011 18:15:00 WIB

It is not possible to determine what is true but possible to determine what is false with enough information #FODI

30/09/2011 18:17:48 WIB
Peter McEvoy @petermcevoy

#fodi the proper way to understand modern institutions is by seizing raw data. #Assange

30/09/2011 18:18:34 WIB

JA describing the application of methodology such as physics to pare away false information is what makes WL ethos #FODI

30/09/2011 18:19:37 WIB

We have fleshed out a hidden part of civilization by opening up the historical record #FODI

30/09/2011 18:20:58 WIB

A transnational shadow state has developed recently that is not simply a Cold War relic (cites Dana Priest's Top Secret America) #FODI

30/09/2011 18:24:32 WIB
Suzie Graham ~ @suzieis

the shadow state - a new development in the US organized, expanding, a small civilization separate to the rest of the US #FODI #Assange

30/09/2011 18:24:35 WIB
darren @darrenpauli

Assange says Wikileaks has not gone far enough. Says US shadow state is more than a cold war relic, and is expanding #FODI #infosec #antisec

30/09/2011 18:24:51 WIB
💧Mary Kostakidis @MaryKostakidis

#FODI "Vast shadow state exists in US - one in 300 individuals have security clearance. It's a growing cancer" #Assange

30/09/2011 18:27:05 WIB
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