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QUESTIONS: Who is Jason Whitlock AND Bomani Jones Asks Why Aren't More Blacks in the Sports Blogosphere?

THE JASON WHITLOCK THAT I'VE COME TO KNOW,& IT AIN'T PRETTY I've written about Whitlock before. "Jason Whitlock's flawed thinking when it comes to NBA players" is my second most popularRead MoreTHE JASON WHITLOCK THAT I'VE COME TO KNOW,& IT AIN'T PRETTY I've written about Whitlock before. "Jason Whitlock's flawed thinking when it comes to NBA players" is my second most popular blog post:" http://bit.ly/fev4iJ My opening line in "FLAWED THINKING" is "Jason Whitlock is a talent, but his thinking on issues is sometimes flawed and intellectually lazy." I'm writing this @chirpstory because of a 'Real Talk' podcast that Whitlock conducted with @bomani_jones: http://bit.ly/eVvXwp Whitlock was impressed with a blog Bomani wrote after being a panelist over the weekend at Deadspin's "Blogs with Balls 4(BWB4)." Bomani's blog "Why Aren't More Blacks in the Sports Blogosphere?" http://bit.ly/nY58tI has ignited a lot of debate amongst journalists and bloggers. It's a good read and an important topic. This @chirpstory starts off with tweets that Bomani made on 9/24/11 from BWB4. Bomani's tweet on his #bwb4 blog post on 9/27 is highlighted: "on, among other things, the paucity of blacks in new sports media:" http://is.gd/rJ8SjU Whitlock highlights Bo's post with a tweet & conversation starts to heat up on the issue. On 9/28 I read this series of tweets from @michaeltillery on the Real Talk podcast that Whitlock conducted with Bomani: http://bit.ly/eVvXwp So @whitlockjason called me out specifically in his podcast w/ @bomani_jones 2day. Why because I haven't sold my soul like other blogs have? @whitlockjason Held off my readers a lot regarding your bs. I wouldn't expect an opportunist like you to give me props. Thanks 4 the shout. @whitlockjason my site is built on integrity. You are so much of a coward that you did our interview via email. You knew what it was. @whitlockjason Never forget meeting u at '08 Finals in Boston. Your handshake was that of wet tissue. You never once stepped in locker room. @whitlockjason I won't go Les Bowen on you. Your commentary is par 4 the course. Expected. Typical. Nonsensical. Yellowsome [sic] comedic. @whitlockjason your words affirm I'm on right path. Full of class. Nothing of pandering kiss ass. U? Common of little lass. Gossip & a half Well, Michael Tillery's tweets caught my attention & I immediately listened to the podcast. I was offended & disgusted how Jason Whitlock used Michael Tillery as an example of what not to do to succeed as a Black Sports Blogger. Three separate times in the interview Whitlock came back to disparage and demean the talents of Tillery & indirectly, the other writers who were and are a part of The Starting Five: http://t.co/zSRr7TMf Listen to the podcast for yourself - If you want to know who Whitlock really is - Go to 12:00, 20:00,& 56:50 http://bit.ly/eVvXwp What did Whitlock say about Michael Tillery. Go listen for yourself, but here's the gist from the 12 & 20 minute marks - Tillery's intentions are good. He works hard and has put a lot of energy into developing a site, but he's clueless and exhibits a comically, stereotypically black perspective. Whitlock respond to Tillery's tweets that I showcased above with two of his own. Someone tell @michaeltilery I called him "clueless" and misguided. But I praised his work ethic and commitment. We cripple our own w/brown-nosing & ass-kissing. @michaeltillery could've built something formidable. We've allowed him to remain delusional. Fair? I'll let you judge, but what Whitlock left out was the slanderous comment he made about Tillery at the 56:50 mark: "I could have given Mike Tillery some advice, but he's too stupid to take it." Those are fighting words & show how duplicitous, mean-spirited, arrogant and ignorant Whitlock is. Michael deserves an apology from Whitlock,but I'm betting Mr. Pomposity is not man enough to give him one. I'll let you draw your own conclusions on who is Jason Whitlock? In the podcast, Whitlock calls himself an "arrogant MF" and states that he was and is "as cold as anyone in the business." D.K. Wilson aka @dkwilsonisland offers up 3 extended tweets on Who is Jason Whitlock? 1- http://tl.gd/dbr9r8 2- http://tl.gd/dbr9cn 3- http://bit.ly/nfHenc D.K.'s tweets will be at the end of this long intro. One of the most sobering comments on Whitlock's was made by @TheLadyGM "Listened to @bomani_jones interview w @whitlockjason ,I feel sick. Pomposity has never had a grander stage. Jason is sad sack." I'm done. I hope you enjoy the Chirpstory. Who is Jason Whitlock. Please feel free to comment after you're done reading the story. D.K.'s tweets: 1. Now, @WhitlockJason is the writer who would tell us we weren't tied to our computers though TSF won the award for the best Black sports website just months after we began the site. He's the writer telling you you didn't do what another blogger did to cultivate relationships with the mainstream when that was exactly what you did 24/7. He's the writer who says we're lazy when I wrote over 6500 posts in five years. @WhitlockJason is THAT dude. 2. @WhitlockJason is the dude who sold Marcus Garvey down the river, the NYPD officer infiltrating Malcom, the dude ensuring MLK was moved to a higher floor at the the Lorraine Hotel, the Chi-town cop giving the layout of Fred Hampton's apt. 3. I realize you gave Michael a back-handed comment in your extended introduction w/ Bomani. However, after that moment, you did everything possible to imply he - and by extension I - in fact, did not work as hard as Jason McIntyre or will Leitch or AJ Daulerio, when in fact, we recognized that the playing field was not at all level, so we worked harder than any of them did. You said: "If somebody Black wants to put in the work they can build the same thing Jason McIntyre did." 18:56 of your podcast. We, Mike and I worked tirelessly to build TSF. I bought 3 tv's had all the DirecTV sports packages and would wake up - if I slept at all - every morning at 5 am to begin my writing day. It always ended after midnight. You said: "At some point the playing field was somewhat level and we didn't take advantage of it." 29:48. Liar. We were quoted everywhere, including Deadspin, TBL, Free Darko, AOL Fanhouse, etc. We won the 2007 Black Weblogs Award for best Black sports website or blog after being up for just a few months. We began the site with a conscience and consciously. You never saw pictures of half-naked women on TSF like the sites you feel are so successful. You never saw penis pictures on TSF like you did on the sites where you allege work harder than us. Ask any of them if they wrote 6573 posts to their websites in five years, with over 5000 of them being 1000 words or more. I did. Now. I still have our email exchange from Thanksgiving weekend 2007 with you talking about how talented I am as a writer. Where the fuck were you? Just because you don't like my perspectives - which you directly called, "ignorant" - doesn't speak to my talents as a writer. The essence of what you are is this: you are nothing more than a crass careerist who, at every turn, has attempted to pick people you feel are "easy" targets in order to boost your own worth. You've used this ploy repeatedly to say you're the guy ESPN hates. Bullshit Jason, you fucking worked there. And you picked the easy fight when you went after Scoop and used that to further your career. You did it with the KC Star. You've done the same thing at every turn. You are no better than a common whore. BTW, take that picture of Ralph Wiley down. You ain't no Wiley, You're one of the people glad as shit to see him pass so you could swing the game over to Uncle Toms and wind-up black face monkeys banging keyboards with Uncle Ruckus thought balloons pointing at their heads thinking how much "us niggers" are ruining it for you. I comprehend English quite well. And I am an especially astute listener when snakes are hissing at my heels. Go hiss elsewhere.
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