#edchatie Number 160

A weekly discussion by Irish educators. This week the topic was“Tips for using iPads in the classroom” The online discussion took place took place Mon 11th May, 2015.
fboss @fboss

In 2 & a half hours on #edchatie tonight, Irish educators are set to discuss “Tips for using iPads in the classroom” See you online #ipaded

12/05/2015 00:02:37 WIB
Irish Education News @IrishEducation

Don't forget #edchatie happens every Monday 20:30-21:30. Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.

12/05/2015 01:30:27 WIB
Miriam Walsh @MirCWalsh

In 10 minutes on #edchatie tonight, Irish educators are set to discuss “Tips for using iPads in the classroom” #ade2015 #adedu

12/05/2015 02:21:21 WIB
Simon Lewis @simonmlewis

@johnnyryan No worries. The #edchatie community is a good place to start.

12/05/2015 02:21:33 WIB
fboss @fboss

Flex those fingers because in 5 minutes time on #edchatie we talk “Tips for using iPads in the classroom” See you online real soon #ipaded

12/05/2015 02:25:10 WIB
GCLuimnigh @GCLuimnigh

@fboss Apple Regional Training Centre @limerickedcentr (only one in IRL) provides workshops for teachers lec.ie #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:29:14 WIB
fboss @fboss

Welcome to tonight’s #edchatie where we are set to discuss “Tips for using iPads in the classroom” Join in with the chat online #ipaded

12/05/2015 02:30:57 WIB
Kevin Foley @FoleyKev

Kevin a Teaching Principal in small rural Cavan school #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:34:05 WIB
Ruth @RMMul

Ruth parent, Cork with 2 boys using iPads in school, not whole school using though so feel a bit lost. #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:34:08 WIB
Ciara Reilly @PrimEdTeacher

I use 1 iPad (my own) in my class. We make the best of it. Give me laptops for the class before you give me more tablets. #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:34:23 WIB
Bell Media @belltimemag

Evening teachers. Have you picked up your free copy of Belltime Magazine yet? Its in your staffroom now & available online 4 free #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:34:49 WIB
fboss @fboss

Fred Boss, 2nd level art teacher from Drogheda currently with @NCCAie Don't forget to add the #edchatie hashtag to all tweets tonight

12/05/2015 02:35:26 WIB
Raicheail Ní Ódhra @Raicheaileen

All first and second years in my school use iPads unless not permitted for health reasons #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:36:04 WIB
Joe Dale @joedale

Joe from the Isle of Wight currently walking off his calorific dinner in Ely :-) #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:36:35 WIB
Simon Lewis @simonmlewis

Hi, Simon Lewis, primary principal. Looking forward to hearing what can be done with an iPad as opposed to other devices #edchatie #ipaded

12/05/2015 02:36:59 WIB
Nigel Lane @NL_84

One tip for shared iPads is to invest in some screen wipes! #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:37:09 WIB
fboss @fboss

@Raicheaileen Interesting. Can you give examples of possible health reasons tonight? #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:37:09 WIB
Raicheail Ní Ódhra @Raicheaileen

@NL_84 primarily for textbooks but we're working on using other apps to maximise potential #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:37:46 WIB
Sarah Grace @sarahmaher2000

Sarah Maher, 6th class teacher in a DEIS band 1 school with iPads in each classroom #edchatie

12/05/2015 02:38:06 WIB
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