[Jadi Bahan Meme] Pemeran Baru Spider-Man, Asa Butterfield Terlalu Imut untuk Perankan Spiderman

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rt ur crush @favecrushes
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URL IMDb Asa Butterfield Will Reportedly Play The New Spider-Man Asa Butterfield has reportedly been chosen to play Spider-Man in the upcoming reboot. The actor was said to be the frontrunner not too long ago, after appearing on a shortlist, and accord...
Banyak penggila film nggak suka dengan ide Asa Butterfield jadi pemeran Spider-Man baru. Maklum aja, di film sebelumnya, Ender's Game dia masih anak kecil banget
Bandingkan dengan pemeran Spider-Man sebelumnya yang udah dewasa :
Marvel Things @itsamarvelthing
Which Spider-Man did you prefer? Retweet for Tobey Maguire Favourite for Andrew Garfield #spiderman #marvel pic.twitter.com/AJw09HGYdW
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Komen-komen pedasnya...

Matthew Simanjuntak @matthewmazgan
Ender's Game's Asa Butterfield as the new Spidey for Civil War? Weird choice...
Kathrinna | Nana @atashi7
mystical cat-being @leannalikescats
isnt asa butterfield like 12 how is he supposed to be spiderman
Tom Brennan @Brennanator
Asa Butterfield as Spider-Man? But he's a kid! Spidey is supposed to be a cool young guy like meOHMYGODI'M31WHEREDIDITGO.
binky fish @chillshark
i remember when i went 2 see Ender's Game i couldnt actually pay attention 2 the movie bc i was distracted by asa butterfield's beauty
Berbagai Meme Reaksi Nggak Suka Soal Berita Ini :
Tom @MrBumbleBeeTuna
'Asa Butterfield in final talks to play Spider-Man' pic.twitter.com/Bl8drbmMt5
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𝙖𝙗𝙗𝙮 @ ff7r @punyparker
marvel: peter parker in the mcu! me: SCREAMS JANSJDNDHSM:) marvel: asa butterfield as peter parker me: pic.twitter.com/4NQvBrzo9J
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mika @anakvns
"Asa Butterfield is the new spiderman" pic.twitter.com/uFnxQc7uXY
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Yang agak kocak, Asa Butterfield diasosiasikan Spider-Man versi anak kecil. Lucu juga :))
Jack Dunn @jdunn_iii
Leaked photo of Asa Butterfield on the Civil War set pic.twitter.com/ksDAcctOL7
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ComicBook NOW! @ComicBookNOW
Someone just said this is Andrew Garfield and Asa Butterfield and I know it's wrong but I can't stop laughing. pic.twitter.com/cprCjM6Tpl
Mr.Magnificent @Bad_Karma007
Asa Butterfield with Andrew Garfield in Amazing spiderman 2 pic.twitter.com/58ZLPMnfrY
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Imperius Rexdom @ImperiusRexdom
Asa Butterfield on the set of Cap 3: Civil War pic.twitter.com/ZSxdxkCZDq
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Imperius Rexdom @ImperiusRexdom
Asa Butterfield reportedly cast as Spider-man. pic.twitter.com/w8CzvJpohN
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