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[FOTO & GIF] Kesalahan2 Kocak di Film Hollywood #MovieBloopers

wkwk gandalf pake jam tangan @tumbenlucu

Setiap film yang dibuat pasti ada kekurangannya, nih beberapa contohnya :D

Cenayang Film @CenayangFilm

american sniper. bayinya boneka. tangannya digerakin pake jempolnya bradley #MovieBloopers

11/05/2015 13:29:22 WIB
Cenayang Film @CenayangFilm

Grease. sikut pelayannya ga kena ctekan lampu. lampu tetap mati #MovieBloopers

11/05/2015 13:30:42 WIB
Cenayang Film @CenayangFilm

North by Northwest. anak kecil di belakang udah nutup kuping duluan #MovieBloopers

11/05/2015 13:33:59 WIB
Pellumb Mjeku @ThisisPllumey

So this is why Gandalf was never late for action... He had a good watch hahahahaha #MovieBloopers

28/10/2013 02:05:49 WIB
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YTV | @ytv

Ready for another Fail Friday? Mad Cat is looking at the best movie fails!

21/02/2015 05:30:39 WIB
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What The F*** Facts @WhatTheFFacts

Whaaat! We never noticed these obvious mistakes in these movie classics -

13/03/2015 18:17:01 WIB
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ايثار @MattyIthar

Lmaooo fail...but still love this movie 😂

20/04/2015 12:13:03 WIB
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