Prince George and Princess Charlotte - #fashion for babies

Prince Goerge has now a little sister, in a fact a Princess sister: Charlotte of Cambridge!
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Prince George: His First Year <3 <3 <3
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It is finally trending #RoyalBaby. - Duchess of Cambridge in labour.
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The longer-term implications for the UK babywear, childrenswear, teens and fashion business could be worth £150m
URL Forbes New Royal Baby Poised to Create Spikes in Retail Demand The Centre for Retail Research has suggested the birth of the royal princess could impact the British economy by £150m. But retailers must prepare to benefit from this spike in demand, according to the e-commerce software and omni-channel solutions provid

Rather interesting to follow the news regarding Princess Charlotte (just a few days old) and the life around her, with the mighty visit of her great-grand-mother The Queen.

There is also the interest of what her brother Prince George is wearing - he will be two years old in July 2015!

Babywear outfits for boys (up to 24 months), could be the hit of the Summer, because parents like to dress their children the same way. There is always this association with famous people even if their finances are "slightly" different.

What about having a London Fashion Week dedicated to clothes for newborn babies?

Could be a real success or would this be a miss?


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