#GE2015: Northern Ireland

ElectionNI @ElectionNI

ElectionNI will be tweeting throughout the election count on Thursday night / Friday morning. #ge2015 electionni.co.uk

06/05/2015 03:41:50 WIB
Mark Carruthers #WashYourHands @MarkCarruthers7

If you take 5 mins to look at anything tonight - look at this & marvel at how things have changed down the years... bbc.co.uk/news/election-…

07/05/2015 05:46:59 WIB
ElectionNI @ElectionNI

Good Morning! The polling stations are now open until 10pm. Remember to bring your photo ID. #ge2015 pic.twitter.com/SIx0WX1vFk

07/05/2015 13:00:04 WIB
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Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

@MarkCarruthers7 Looking forward to seeing which tie/socks coalition you select this evening. pic.twitter.com/LjjB5pQN2a

07/05/2015 23:11:53 WIB
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Mark Carruthers #WashYourHands @MarkCarruthers7

.@BBCMarkSimpson Did I hear you've gone for a rainbow option yourself from the King's Hall?

08/05/2015 01:08:53 WIB
Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

@MarkCarruthers7 All party. All colours. Neutral. Objective. Public service broadcasting tie. pic.twitter.com/hVzcxrp6oN

08/05/2015 02:09:53 WIB
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Mark Carruthers #WashYourHands @MarkCarruthers7

.@BBCMarkSimpson And we both had daughters voting today - mine is 18, got to vote & had her last day at school - all today!

08/05/2015 02:24:32 WIB
ElectionNI @ElectionNI

Turnout seems to be around the 30-35% at 5pm. Have you voted? Polling stations open to 10pm #vote #GE2015

08/05/2015 01:34:51 WIB
Police Newry, Mourne and Down @PSNINMDown

Suspicion object declared viable explosive device. Barracric Rd and Railway line between Newry and Dundalk re-opened

08/05/2015 02:27:42 WIB
Karl Sharro ***** ***** ***** **** @KarlreMarks

Follow my election coverage with the advanced graphics I'll be using to report the results. #GE2015 pic.twitter.com/qgrSbI3Pgx

08/05/2015 03:25:59 WIB
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Sean O'H @Sean_OHalloran

As you arrive at Templemore you'll see Media, counters & candidates have to traverse the security corridor #GE2015 pic.twitter.com/j3WZ38iwhG

08/05/2015 03:44:47 WIB
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Louise Cullen @LouiseMCullen

138 count staff warm up for the arrival of the 1st West Tyrone boxes (from across the road!) #GE2015 #WTY pic.twitter.com/ox86RiBNyx

08/05/2015 03:48:34 WIB
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Kerri Dunn @KerriDunn

East Belfast Elmgrove Primary turnout at 9pm! Roughly 49% @SJAMcBride @BenLowry2 pic.twitter.com/sufW5REriu

08/05/2015 03:49:41 WIB
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Marc Mallett @MarcMallett_UTV

Stage is quite literally set for a long night at the King's Hall in Belfast. @itvnews on air in 5mins #GE2015 pic.twitter.com/NrbMTJ3qzy

08/05/2015 03:49:53 WIB
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Less than a half an hour until polls close. North Down & Strangford count staff are ready and waiting. #GE2015 pic.twitter.com/Pso6bcDo7w

08/05/2015 03:51:10 WIB
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BBC Newsline @bbcnewsline

Less than a half an hour until polls close. North Down & Strangford count staff are ready and waiting. #GE2015 pic.twitter.com/yQgqTNtnqt

08/05/2015 03:51:12 WIB
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Katie-o @kateyo

Where's the Benefit?: "A life on benefits is frankly no life at all" - Why David Cameron is wrong wheresthebenefit.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/a-life…

08/05/2015 03:51:37 WIB
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle

.@BBCNewsNI's Foyle reporter @Sean_OHalloran has arrived at Templemore Sports Complex for the count. twitter.com/Sean_OHalloran…

08/05/2015 03:51:52 WIB
Derry Journal @derryjournal

Excitement starting to build at Templemore Complex #Derry as close of polls nears. GE2015ni #GeneralElection #GE0215 pic.twitter.com/cpQn5yrVGl

08/05/2015 03:52:50 WIB
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