Lagi booming, website penebak umur How-Old.net
Mary Smith @smitharyy
buff.ly/1AxlyUI How-Old net is the reason you didn t get any work done today #HowOldNet 588 pic.twitter.com/bcZ5sWF68D
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HAI @HaiMagazine
Serunya Main How-Old(dot)Net Situs Tebak Umur Dari Microsoft :) bit.ly/1zqYHPk pic.twitter.com/Ni17Xj0g8g
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Beberapa agak curiga dengan situs ini, karena alasan tertentu...
Patrick @patrickhmason
I’m quietly impressed with just how much data about us how-old.net has managed to scrape in c. 24 hours.
Peter Matthews (he/him) 🌈 @urbaneprofessor
So I'm guessing how-old.net is just a way for Microsoft/Bing to collect a database of photos of faces for some reason?
Albert Lai @albertlai
Not sure why the how-old.net thing doesn't have you submit your real age and gender afterwards. seems like valuable training data
David Zanetti @rwmTinkyWinky
Why do I think how-old.net is just a NSA data gathering exercise? #tinfoil
Tapi sadar gak kamu, dibalik semua itu...
URL Fast Company Read The Fine Print Before You Use Microsoft's Viral Age-Guessing Tool If you let Microsoft's viral tool guess your age, you also let Microsoft use your photo for its "Internet businesses."
The Culturvated Agency @vokarondon
It is RT @iPutYouOn: What if 'How-Old.net' was a massive database to collect scores of facial recognition data?
SEUN AGBELUSI @seuncr8vwox
I guess Microsoft is using this how-old.net for data capture. I will like to know the end game.
Bobby Bare Root @copedog
Duh. how-old.net is just a clever scam to feed Microsoft data so it can get better at facial recognition. io9.com/how-fashion-ca…
Sean Lowry @Sean_Lowry
Creepy/interesting. This might steal your data (soul?) for nefarious purposes...like a real life carney I suppose...how-old.net.
Kem @Kembo_Slice
Lol at people not realizing How-old.net is just helping the government compile facial recognition data.
James Feigenbaum @jamesfeigenbaum
Done using the #HowOldRobot b/c it isn't asking users for correct information to improve the algorithm. Wasted data! how-old.net
мrdoм @thatMrDom
Amazing how-old.net give Microsoft your face, and your IP Address, Browser information couple that with a dash of Data Retention!
Jonneh @thefaceofJoh
Holy crap... Microsoft just found a way to collect all the internets pictures in minutes... #HowOld how-old.net
James Clark 📈📉🤷🏼‍♂️ @mr_james_c
I tell you what, the NSA are absolute geniuses - this how-old.net thing is a great way to employ personal vanity to gather data!
Mari berhati-hati sebelum kita mengupload foto kita ke internet...


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