URL Republika Online Warga Australia Suarakan #BoycottIndonesia dan #BoycottBali | Republika Online REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Eksekusi mati gelombang kedua rampung dilaksanakan. Delapan terpidana mati sudah menghadapi regu tembak, Rabu (29/4) dini hari WIB. Dua di antara terpidana mati, merupakan dua warga...

Berbagai tweet orang Australia dan yang mendukung #BoycottIndonesia

Charles in Exile @ergoking
Due to its murder of convicts for nonviolent felonies, I will no longer buy any Indonesia products. #BoycottIndonesia #IStandForMercy
Charles in Exile @ergoking
The executions in Indonesia for minor felonies show that country still lives in the Stone Age. #IStandForMercy #BoycottIndonesia
Pauline Downie @AgingNaturally
Totally devastated, somewhere I have never visited and never will #BoycottIndonesia
Dankoslav Memević @comfy_yugoslav
I love Southeast Asia, but there's one place I will never want to go: #BoycottBali #BoycottIndonesia
D A V I D K L A R @davidjklar
Indonesia, you are a disgrace. This is a sad day for Australians AND for the world... #BoycottIndonesia #IStandForMercy #Bali9
💧Clare ⚡️🇪🇺 @claregarry6
Why hasn't the ambassador been recalled. Why hasn't aid been stopped. #IStandForMercy #BoycottIndonesia

...dan yang memandang jelek Jokowi :

Ini dia yang membela Indonesia :

if you're going to #BoycottIndonesia you may as well boycott all countries where the death penalty is permitted... pic.twitter.com/g9NkjsWUVQ
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± @VoiceOfSound14
Indonesians are good people cmmon there's a difference between Indonesian people and their government. Don't #BoycottIndonesia
anisa cortez @Michichan21
if you understand to be a parent then you have to kill the dealers in order to save a million children SAY NO TO #BoycottIndonesia
Kate Walton @waltonkate
Seriously, guys, come on. There's a difference between the government, the people and the country. Don't #BoycottIndonesia.


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