Foto2 Pietro Boselli yang Dibilang Dosen Matematika Paling Ganteng & Seksi Sedunia

HuffPost UK Personal @HPUKPersonal

Hard working man who works two jobs to earn a living makes the news via @HPYoungVoices

31/03/2015 15:44:51 WIB
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URL The Huffington Post UK Man Who Works Two Jobs To Earn A Living Makes The News In a strange and unusual turn of events, a man who has two jobs so he can make enough money to live, while happening to also be aesthetically gifted, has made the news. Pietro Boselli happens to be a lecturer at University College, London. He also...
URL Pria Ini Dosen Matematika Paling Ganteng di Dunia? Pietro Boselli adalah dosen matematika yang mengantongi gelar doktor (PhD). Ia juga seorang top model.

si dosen fenomenal ini baru bikin akun Twitter

PnV MaleModelNetwork @MrPeaksNValleys

via @ChrisChaseTx: Fresh off breaking the Internet @PietroBoselli_ has joined Twitter! PnV Nation welcomes Pietro!

31/03/2015 07:29:53 WIB
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Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

@lee_matawapit: @PietroBoselli_ yayyyyy you have Twitter now! Welcome! 😊” I do!! trying to adapt 😉

31/03/2015 07:35:07 WIB
Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

@Mary_Baldomir: @PietroBoselli_ ohhh damn!!! You're very beautiful 😍” why thank u ☺️

31/03/2015 07:25:10 WIB
Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

@kehabisanide: Hei Pietro, do you have a gf? Its for science @PietroBoselli_” only Math 😉

31/03/2015 23:47:35 WIB
Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

@linpopx_g: @PietroBoselli_ not sure if you've the solution for it though, lol 😂” try me!

01/04/2015 03:59:51 WIB
Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

@Mary_Baldomir: @PietroBoselli_ I have question of math.... 2+2???? 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜” that's so easy! 🐟

01/04/2015 04:10:52 WIB
Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

@Mary_Baldomir: Why @PietroBoselli_ is so... so.... aadfghjklsdfghkl? ♡ ♡” that last part not even math can solve 😱

01/04/2015 04:54:15 WIB
Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

@lsj16821682: @PietroBoselli_ love you.. You are so famous in South korea” never been, but I'd love to!

02/04/2015 22:35:52 WIB
Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

Enjoying the sunset tonight with life long friend.

04/04/2015 04:24:02 WIB
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Pietro Boselli @PietroBoselli_

@bornthismg: @TheEllenShow invite @PietroBoselli_ to your show!! He's a model and have a phd in engineering wtf goals af” whoa! I'd love!

06/04/2015 08:35:52 WIB
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