#OccupyWallStreet? Ok, but why? No, seriously -- I don't get it.

People are jumping up my ass because I had the temerity to express some criticism about this Wall Street occupation business. I think folks missed the tweets where I expressed support for the *cause* but concern about the *goal." So, I slapped this baby together. Hopefully it'll make some sense. If it doesn't? Can't say I care too much! Read More
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Karoli @Karoli 24/09/2011 04:39:54 WIB
wow. these wall street folks are all over the place. I suppose if you’re going to get out and shout, why not? but still...funny
Karoli @Karoli 25/09/2011 05:56:48 WIB
Why? RT @OccupyChicago: More than supplies, we need people! Head over to the Fed Reserve. #occupychi #occupywallstreet
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 05:58:38 WIB
@Karoli exactly. we all know why wall street sucks. so what are you going to do about it? it’s SO disorganized. aimless.
jan angevine @janjamm 25/09/2011 05:46:21 WIB
@Karoli To expose the consequences of the wealth of the nation being concentrated in the hands of 1% of the people. #ocuppywallstreet
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:11:11 WIB
@janjamm how are you exposing any consequences? i understanding protesting, but “exposing consequences” doesn’t make sense to me. #p2
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:19:59 WIB
nope. there were goals in arab spring. RT @PatTibbs: @AngryBlackLady @karoli @occupychicago R we seeing Egypt/Tunisia/Libya/USA "spring"?
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:00:10 WIB
If one person compares #occupywallstreet to the civil rights movement, imma cap somebody. The SNCC had clearly defined goals. #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:01:21 WIB
Get mad. Protest. Awesome. But what next? You people need a damn plan, and saying so isn’t being unsupportive. #OccupyWallStreet #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:03:07 WIB
Tahrir Sq started off disorganized, but they had a plan. They wanted to oust Mubarak. Again, what is the goal? #OccupyWallStreet #p2 #TFY
Wendy Stankevich @WendyStankevich 25/09/2011 06:06:08 WIB
@AngryBlackLady The plan, no disrespect intended Lady, is to get the attention of the MSM first, then they ca… (cont) http://t.co/KbPCDRn9
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:07:57 WIB
No, I don’t get it. it doesn’t make sense. RT @WendyStankevich: @AngryBlackLady The plan, no disrespect intended (cont) http://t.co/EwOLIEUH
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:08:31 WIB
@WendyStankevich Your plan is to get the attention of the MSM and then the will talk about issues that matter to the underclass? Really?
Wendy Stankevich @WendyStankevich 25/09/2011 06:11:51 WIB
@AngryBlackLady The MSM doesn't have to talk about it at all, just cover what is going on at #OccupyWallStreet… (cont) http://t.co/p4kd99se
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:09:02 WIB
@WendyStankevich I mean no disrespect, but the media is all corporate-owned. They aren’t going to speak positively about this cause. #p2
Wendy Stankevich @WendyStankevich 25/09/2011 06:12:56 WIB
@AngryBlackLady Thank you, there is a glimmer of a beginning of understanding, of course they are! Been a poin… (cont) http://t.co/yz0G7wFP
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:13:37 WIB
@WendyStankevich they ARE covering it. perhaps not to your liking, but they’re covering it. what are you hoping to gain from this?
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:14:50 WIB
@WendyStankevich media coverage of a movement without a clearly defined goal -- an action statement -- won’t convince voters. #p2 #TFY
Wendy Stankevich @WendyStankevich 25/09/2011 06:14:37 WIB
@AngryBlackLady Forget it, If you think they are giving this adequate coverage than I have no hope of gettin… (cont) http://t.co/bJFn5nWg
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:17:26 WIB
@WendyStankevich i didn’t say adequate coverage. i specifically said “not to your liking.” #p2
Wendy Stankevich @WendyStankevich 25/09/2011 06:16:35 WIB
@AngryBlackLady Ok, you say so... I have ceased to debate the point with you.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:18:54 WIB
ok then... good luck w/ voters writ large. peace. RT @WendyStankevich: @[me] Ok, you say so. I have ceased to debate the point w/ you.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 06:22:20 WIB
It's like banging your head against a wall, sometimes. People just don't listen. Rush to accuse you of "not getting it, man." #p2 #TFY
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Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 25/09/2011 22:58:38 WIB
i really oughta proofread these badboys before i publish them. (edited again.)
Ragnarok Lobster @eclecticbrotha 25/09/2011 23:02:15 WIB
Spent nearly 24 hours asking the same questions and some fracker accuses me of being pro-Wall Street. Ballistic does not do my response justice. All I see is a bunch of privileged kids in the media capital of America creating a distraction while the presi
Sharon W. @Butterose 25/09/2011 23:21:39 WIB
I took part in anti-war demonstrations in the late 60's. We had a goal, stop the war, and we tried peaceful demonstrations to get our message heard. I won't knock what's happening with occupy Wall St, but until they have a cohesive message, the MSM will c
Sharon W. @Butterose 26/09/2011 00:18:40 WIB
Jeez. Missing part of prior tweet is "MSM will continue to ignore them". I juss tawk too much. LOL
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