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#Syria: How #Zainab was killed

This is too much.
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Senior opposition official gives #AJE harrowing account of situation in #Syria. Check the live blog for more

22/09/2011 19:06:08 WIB
DCHRS @DchrsOrg

#Syria #humanrights #amnesty #UN #torture The story of Zainab Al-Husni, whose head, arms & legs were cut by...

23/09/2011 03:03:54 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Reports of clashes between #Syrian troops and army defectors in Zabadani, near Damascus - latest on Al Jazeera

23/09/2011 06:22:08 WIB
BraSyrian @BraSyrian

RT @MayorKhairullah: Zainab was tortured, burned & decapitated, because Assad govt wanted her activist brother… (cont)

23/09/2011 06:36:21 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Seven people were killed across #Syria on Thursday, mostly in the central city of #Homs, activists reported. #aje

23/09/2011 11:16:25 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

New evidence of #Syria brutality emerges as woman’s mutilated body is found- Amnesty International press release #aje

23/09/2011 12:20:45 WIB
James Lynch @jpmlynch

Amnesty is now aware of over 100 cases of death in custody in #Syria - including the sickening case of Zainab Al Hosni

23/09/2011 14:15:41 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Switzerland announced new sanctions on the import, sales and transport of #Syria's oil and oil products. #aje

23/09/2011 16:38:44 WIB
James Lynch @jpmlynch

Zainab al-Hosni's family went to identify her brother's body, then discovered her corpse in the morgue #syria

23/09/2011 17:19:47 WIB
The Jerusalem Post @Jerusalem_Post

Amnesty: Teen first female to die in Syrian custody: 18-year-old Zainab al-Hosni's mutilated body discovered by ...

23/09/2011 17:38:32 WIB
BraSyrian @BraSyrian

What kind of pple work for the mukhabarat? RT @Dima_Khatib: Teen first female to die in Syrian custody: Amnesty #Syria

23/09/2011 17:41:01 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

EU: new investment ban in #Syria'a oil sector, a ban to deliver bank notes to central bank, and more travel/ visa bans

23/09/2011 17:42:58 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Activists in #Syria: At least 5 people have been killed in anti-government protests across the country.

23/09/2011 18:27:30 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

LCC reported 1 protestor was killed, many wounded after SF opened fire on a group of people in Telbise #Syria

23/09/2011 19:05:47 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Protests in Baba Amr in Homs #Syria, despite the fact that resident spent the past 3 days without electricity or water

23/09/2011 19:10:33 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

A video leaked by activists showing what looks like #Syria n Forces laughing as they torment and beat a prostrate man.

23/09/2011 19:46:06 WIB
Amnesty Danmark @amnestydk

Fresh evidence of extreme brutality in #Syria: 18-year-old Zainab tortured in detention and decapitated

23/09/2011 20:07:19 WIB
Amnesty Danmark @amnestydk

18-year-old Zainab al-Hosni, the first woman known to have died in custody during unrest in Syria

23/09/2011 20:08:39 WIB
MidEastProtests @MidEastProtests

Amnesty: Women Believed To Have Died Gruesome Death In Syrian Custory

23/09/2011 20:26:50 WIB
Pilar Wyman @pilarw

Zainab Hosni | Al Jazeera Blogs via @ajenglish / Amnesty International --so very wrong what they did to her! NO NO NO!

23/09/2011 21:04:08 WIB

Zainab al-Hosni, 18, from the city of Homs had been decapitated, her arms cut off and skin removed #Syria

23/09/2011 22:08:32 WIB
Amnesty International USA @amnestyusa

Amnesty reveals horrific brutality in #Syria, 18 yr old woman tortured & killed by government

23/09/2011 23:09:58 WIB
Hala Gorani @HalaGorani

Amnesty: 18 year old Zainab al-Hosni 1st female teen to die in detention in #Syria -

24/09/2011 02:30:29 WIB
Karim @Vakil_e_Roaya

RT @HalaGorani: Amnesty: 18 year old Zainab al-Hosni 1st female teen to die in detention in #Syria -

24/09/2011 02:31:41 WIB
Mabdeldayem @dayem7

Refreshing 2c #Bashar's reforms going smoothly. "Zainab had been decapitated her arms cut off and skin removed." #Syria

24/09/2011 02:34:09 WIB
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