NYTX Update on WikiLeaks FOIA

NYT eXaminer @NYTeXaminer

Update on NYTX’s Jan. 2012 FOIA request to the US State Department regarding #WikiLeaks (1/6) http://t.co/lOYEYfrZ

03/10/2012 20:23:46 WIB
NYT eXaminer @NYTeXaminer

In January 2012 we asked for all communication between the State Department and the New York Times regarding… (2/6)

03/10/2012 20:24:19 WIB
NYT eXaminer @NYTeXaminer

#WikiLeaks, #BradleyManning, and Julian #Assange covering the two year period of Jan. 1, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2011. (3/6)

03/10/2012 20:24:39 WIB
NYT eXaminer @NYTeXaminer

After 10 months waiting, the State Department has just explained that our FOIA is in the first of “three-or-four” tiers of processing. (4/6)

03/10/2012 20:25:15 WIB
NYT eXaminer @NYTeXaminer

The State Department recommended that, in a couple of weeks, we ask for an “estimated completion date.” (5/6)

03/10/2012 20:25:47 WIB
NYT eXaminer @NYTeXaminer

We will do as they request and report more information as it comes in. (6/6)

03/10/2012 20:26:09 WIB


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