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Travel to Singapore 13-16 March 2015

My Instagram posts about my travel to Singapore
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Thank you 😊😊😊 RT @InstaSingapore: New Instagram by maddypertiwi Gardens By The Bay #Singapore

18/03/2015 21:16:11 WIB
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Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

My #trip will be bore as hell without these people. Met them during #FOSSASIA I ended up going…

18/03/2015 19:22:51 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Ended our adventure at #MarinaBaySands Event Plaza watching Wonder Full, a water & light show. The…

18/03/2015 19:14:38 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

We were at Arab Street at Bugis to try this special murtabak at Zam Zam Restaurant. What's so…

18/03/2015 09:44:27 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Not far from Sri Mariamman temple, there's Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum. Once again, too hungry…

18/03/2015 09:27:10 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Afternoon in Chinatown, passed this famous temple, Sri Mariamman. No time to visit because I was…

18/03/2015 09:24:56 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

One of the display at #GardensByTheBay is 7-tons baby boy!!! You can see this baby from far. How do I…

17/03/2015 21:01:32 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Okay I'm taking a #selfie with the building 😄😄😄 Can't resist the temptation of

17/03/2015 19:11:34 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

When everybody taking pictures with this building as background, I refused to do the same thing. I…

17/03/2015 19:07:38 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

That's a Skytree Bridge at Gardens By The Bay. Took this picture on my way to that place from…

17/03/2015 18:54:05 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

From #MarinaBaySands you can see skyscraper buildings located in downtown of the city. It was like…

17/03/2015 16:43:00 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Look!!! There's a waterfall,,, inside the building!!! Every visitor stops for awhile to admire the…

17/03/2015 15:02:36 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Finally I came to Marina Bay Sands!!! Yeah I think I don't have to explain about this place ya. What…

17/03/2015 14:08:25 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

This is my snack,,, Bought it SGD10 for 5 pieces. Heaven!!! All hail Nutella & Go!!!

17/03/2015 14:04:04 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Who said you can't draw #graffiti in #Singapore? As long as you know the place. I found this spot in…

17/03/2015 10:40:34 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Still at #TiongBahru I found little bookstore. Still close that time but no matter. These word got me…

17/03/2015 09:13:18 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

When I walked after bought croissant in Tiong Bahru Bakery, I noticed lots of pigeons! Suddenly I…

17/03/2015 09:05:33 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

When I went to #LittleIndia for meet some friends, I passed this beautiful #mosque called Masjid…

17/03/2015 08:58:31 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

My first adventure in #Singapore was visiting this famous #bakery, Tiong Bahru Bakery. Believe me…

16/03/2015 18:57:30 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

Market in Little India. I came there to meet my friends and passed through the hectic of the market.…

16/03/2015 16:13:08 WIB
Maddy Pertiwi @maddypertiwi

I should've made video of my #travel to #Singapore 13-16 March 2015. Due to my hectic schedule…

16/03/2015 16:07:27 WIB


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