Ditato sih boleh boleh aja, tapi jangan sampe kayak gini ya hasilnya, bikin nyesel di kemudian hari!

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This Bitch @tristaboooo
@KCCOLowery oh I know, but I know you've seen the tattoo fail! I couldn't resist! :) pic.twitter.com/gcvaH5UsDs
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Lytham Coffee Co @LythamCoffeeCo
Struggling to think of a Mothers Day present? How about getting a tattoo? #fail pic.twitter.com/tjMOqDlOmA
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Jammin J Javi @JamminJJavi
Look! 👀👀 Tattoo Fail... "Dicisions" 😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/Ofg045SbI2
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Cassidy 🌼 @cassidygodwin_
@danielab_co: Tattoo Fails goo.gl/iCvFJP pic.twitter.com/Pl5A7XUwoP” I don't think that Taco Bell one is a fail 😍😋
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𝒞𝓎𝓃 @cintygonzalez_
"@RODNEYOMO: White people never fail to amaze me pic.twitter.com/OCFJdDhiEo" @DatboiAngelC your first tattoo
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tyron steyn @StonerSteyn
Yea. lets see if that tattoo come off after a week. #fail pic.twitter.com/iJwzC0MOeu
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Air Gin @airginorg
Top 10 Fail Tattoos With Animals - Funny Tattoo - funny tattoo - videos.airgin.org/funny-videos/t… pic.twitter.com/YDBwNcCzKY
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