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Happened upon the tweets of Sports Psychologist Daniel Abrahams. Addressing and impacting the psychological side of the game is neglected by most coaches, especially those who coach youth sports. Coaches tend to focus on the technical, tactical, and physical dimensions,but don't do justice to the psychological side of the game. Read More
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Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
A footballer should teach himself to manage his mind...otherwise his mind will control him
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
A footballer who is truly confident knows where he is at with his game but believes that with hard work & quality work he can improve
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
A team mate should communicate in a positive, helpful & constructive way
Richard @FootballMinds
RT @danabrahams77: new blog post on 'football psychology: Playing in the Present' up on website: http://t.co/Mq8Fu85v Have a read
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
A coach who is wracked with doubt & fear cannot be effective. Your mental game is as important as your players
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
It is rigidity of thinking that prevents both a coach & a footballer reaching his potential. Flexible thinking is a champion's skill
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
A footballer's thoughts mediates his awareness, anticipation & decision making. Mindset drives technical & tactical execution
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
A footballer should strive to stay in the present moment. Brain functioning means this is imperfectable but crucial
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
How successful a coach is often determined by attention to detail & asking the right questions to the right players at the right time
Chris Shambrook @chrisshambrook
@DanAbrahams77 training defines confidence, matches refine confidence... Most people get it the wrong way round!
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
Coaching is the toughest of professions. You deal with the imperfect, people's fears, needs, wants, doubts, worries, values & experiences
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
Everyday a footballer should monitor how he is talking to himself. How he speaks 2 himself determines how he feels and performs on match day
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
Strong thinking skills come in in the last lung busting minutes of a match. Being able to energise yourself using your self talk is an asset
Jat Totch @J10T
@DanAbrahams77 how about the 10 mins at the end when fatigue kicks in but you have to remain focused til the very last kick! #lategoalskill
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
The brain changes itself every every minute of everyday. As a coach how can you have maximum impact on a footballer's brain?
Steve Roberts @STRskillSchool
@azyero @danabrahams77 pressure will get to him if reminded of importance. Don't talk about level. Tell him to enjoy it. He will adapt/learn
Venita @azyero
@STRskillSchool @danabrahams77 great advice. Always tempting to tell him to do his very best as it's a great opportunity! Have backed off!
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
If a young footballers wants to make quicker decisions he must watch a lot of football. No, he must STUDY a lot of football
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
Barcelona players. Players with unsurpassed talent or players who are humble, down to earth and who check their shoulders a lot on the pitch
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
A footballer should use his physical warm up as a mental warm up. He should be on his toes, alert, alive & physically positive
Tom Ryan @TomRyan295
@DanAbrahams77 by keeping sessions entertaining and fresh, and not falling into an ordinary routine!
Ian @goonermint
@DanAbrahams77 agree dan but do you get players who are 'quiet' and what strategy do you employ to make their comms more effective??
Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
Footballers will inevitably be distracted whether internally or externally. Its not whether you are distracted...its how you deal with it
Soccer stuff @soccerinTN
@DanAbrahams77 tell my players to pretend they are on TV doing a commentary of the game. Keeps them focused when not immediately involved.
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Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 06/10/2011 05:24:32 WIB
Added Dan's recent blog: "The Football Brain Never Switches Off" http://bit.ly/njVR3w & his QPR podcast "6 as a Parrot" where Dan speaks at 15:20 mark http://bit.ly/pY9GHA & talks about performance,social & emotional toughness.
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 06/10/2011 05:26:02 WIB
PERFORMANCE TOUGHNESS - helping the player build & maintain confidence - maintain focus under pressure on match day & play at the right intensity.
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 06/10/2011 05:27:43 WIB
SOCIAL TOUGHNESS - Helping them become leaders, get on {along} with teammates & become better communicators with teammates and coaches.
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 06/10/2011 05:28:29 WIB
EMOTIONAL TOUGHNESS - Dan describes Emotional Toughness as the major point of emphasis in youth football (soccer). Helping players become self-aware of strength and weaknesses; better self-managers & self-learners.
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 04/05/2012 01:04:35 WIB
Dan Abrahams blogs about "New Zealand Under 17 Women's Football Team" & how they used his psychological principles - http://bit.ly/IpvFke
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