Curious case of Manchester United and Referees

There are cases which shows how the relationship between Premier league's referees and Manchester United looks fishy
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Let's summarize: 1. Alex not happy with Foy, Foy referees a League Two game. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:15:58 WIB
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2. Mike Dean, referee, when Blackburn beat Utd 2-3, hasn't refereed a Utd game since. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:20:16 WIB
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3. Mike Dean - referee, in 2010, after Utd's defeat to Chelsea, was demoted to the Championship. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:21:31 WIB
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4. Wiley, called "fat and unfit" by Alex after Utd's draw with Sunderland, "agreed to retire" that season. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:23:50 WIB
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5. Clattenburg (1-6 to City) hasn't refereed a single United game after that Manchester derby. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:27:42 WIB
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6. Martin Atkinson - Involved in Utd's defeat to Chelsea, criticized by Alex, hasn't refereed Utd since. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:35:29 WIB
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7. Ex ref Jeff Winter openly stating that he hadn't been given a United game for 2 years after sending Keane off. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:37:48 WIB
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8. Howard Webb has been United's most used referee since the defeat to Manchester City. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:39:33 WIB
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9. More than 18% of the penalties Webb has awarded in his 8 year career have been to United. #FACT

03/10/2012 05:41:10 WIB
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10. United's CEO is on the board of the English FA. (Just in case the refs don't do their 'jobs'.) #FACT

03/10/2012 05:42:55 WIB
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FA reacts to Alex's criticisms by only appointing referees he approves of. #FACT. Rant over.

03/10/2012 05:44:12 WIB


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