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rgprmn @rrrega

One last advice, keep it from your child. you don't want your kids to be the next dominant, aren't you? #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:51:59 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

Imdb gave 4.2 to this movie. Such a pathetic number i must admit. but for you who wants to see different kind of romance, its worth #test

29/03/2015 16:50:55 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

However, The movie doesn't reallu hit box office. maybe because it is banned in some country, like Indonesia. #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:48:44 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

But there is a little bit disappointment in the ending. I think that there should be the sequel. People want to know how it ends. #test

29/03/2015 16:47:30 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

Dakota johnson is so pretty but I regret why he willing to do those scenes haha but she's great #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:44:20 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

for my own opinion this movie was good. Jamie Dornan is a real dominant and He's got that young billionaire look. #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:43:26 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

the story got more complicated when Grey decided to make Ana as his submissive. will Ana survive? #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:41:04 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

Grey is a dominant. he's a maniac at sex while Ana, is as pure a clear blue water. she's a virgin. #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:39:38 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

But there's a thing about Grey that everyone wouldn't ever know. his deep dark secret which he hides it, but to Ana, No. #test #review

29/03/2015 16:37:52 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

the two people met when Ana interviewed Grey for her friend's assignment. Later than that, their two falling in 'lust' #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:35:41 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

the movie tells us about romance between Anastasia, an ordinary girl, with Grey, a young billionaire #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:33:30 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

Well, Sam Taylor-Johnson showed us the most possible form of Edward and Bella through their new Book-Based Movie, Fifty Shades of Grey #test

29/03/2015 16:31:24 WIB
rgprmn @rrrega

Have you ever wonder if there's a real Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in a real life? #test #movie #review

29/03/2015 16:28:34 WIB


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