#Kabul, #Afghanistan: former president Rabbani (Rabani) killed in blast

GMIC Afghanistan @GMICafghanistan

Presidential Palace Press Release - President Karzai Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Kabul

13/09/2011 20:43:31 WIB
Habib Khan @HabibKhanT

Today tight security in #kabul. Police r everywhere & they search cars almost n every circle & have caused traffic jams. #afghanistan

15/09/2011 13:43:48 WIB
TOLOnews @TOLOnews

Kabul Attack Led From Outside Afghanistan: MoI http://t.co/HnSkHQsd

15/09/2011 22:18:29 WIB
Habib Khan @HabibKhanT

35 Diplomats & employes of #Saudi embassy n #Kabul fled #Afghanistan after Kabul came under #Taliban's attack at 13 Sept www.rohi.af reports

17/09/2011 18:32:52 WIB
Habib Khan @HabibKhanT

Why do we KILL people who KILL people to show that KILLING people is wrong?

18/09/2011 19:49:13 WIB
GMIC Afghanistan @GMICafghanistan

President Karzai Left for New York to Attend UNGA

19/09/2011 14:52:05 WIB
South Asia Channel @FP_SouthAsia

Weekend roundup on Sirajuddin Haqqani interview, drone crash, TTP attack and more in today's daily brief: http://ow.ly/6yfBu

19/09/2011 20:46:38 WIB
South Asia Channel @FP_SouthAsia

New post: Daily brief: Haqqani Network expresses support for Afghan peace deal http://t.co/HWy0oIX7

19/09/2011 21:25:59 WIB
TOLOnews @TOLOnews

Afghan Policeman, 3 Civilians Killed in Northern Afghanistan http://t.co/D82z8xoZ

20/09/2011 16:43:34 WIB
Haris Kakar @RSkakar

Tribal elder and member of Chaphar district council was shot dead by gunmen.

20/09/2011 19:24:43 WIB
Lotfullah Najafizada @LNajafizada

Blast in WAK. US embassy alarmed turned on.

20/09/2011 20:13:15 WIB
Lotfullah Najafizada @LNajafizada

"Take cover and get away from windows" -- US embassy alarms says.

20/09/2011 20:15:12 WIB
Lotfullah Najafizada @LNajafizada

The exact area of the explosion to be determined.

20/09/2011 20:15:39 WIB
Colin Cookman @colincookman

RT @LNajafizada: Blast in [Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood, Kabul]. US embassy alarmed turned on.

20/09/2011 20:17:24 WIB
Ali M Latifi @alibomaye

"Duck and cover" alert near Wazir Akbar Khan near street 15, via @DionNissenbaum that's where AJ Bureau in Kabul is

20/09/2011 20:22:17 WIB
Kabul Pressistan @Pressistan

Reports of explosion in Wazir Akbar Khan, near the US embassy... details will follow #Afghanistan

20/09/2011 20:22:24 WIB
Kabul Pressistan @Pressistan

The location of #Kabul blast is said to be in WAK near Rabani's home. Street 10th or 9th not sure #Afghanistan

20/09/2011 20:23:58 WIB
Ali M Latifi @alibomaye

According to @Pressistan the new #Kabul attack is said to be near #Rabbani's home... I won't say what I'm thinking, but I'm not only 1

20/09/2011 20:26:34 WIB
Akmal Dawi @akmaldawi

Masoom Stanikzai, chairman of the secretariate of peace council, is among casualties of #today's blast in Kabul

20/09/2011 20:28:11 WIB
Saad Mohseni @saadmohseni

A loud explosion heard from Massoud Square in Kabul (adjacent to the US Embassy)

20/09/2011 20:28:13 WIB
Lotfullah Najafizada @LNajafizada

It's in WAK. Confirmed. Second attack in the green zone in a week.

20/09/2011 20:29:23 WIB
Kabul Pressistan @Pressistan

Suspected S-bombing near the home of Rabani, d peace council chief in W AK, witnesses saw several people evacuated for injuries: witnesses

20/09/2011 20:31:33 WIB
Colin Cookman @colincookman

RT @kabul3: Masoom Stanikzai, chairman of the secretariate of peace council, is among casualties of Kabul blast // can anyone else confirm?

20/09/2011 20:32:15 WIB
Habib Khan @HabibKhanT

We can hear the U.S embassy Alert but didn't hear any explosion. does any body know what's going on in #Kabul city?

20/09/2011 20:32:41 WIB
Lotfullah Najafizada @LNajafizada

Reports coming that the attack took place near Ex President Rabani's house.

20/09/2011 20:32:56 WIB
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