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[Foto] Ngakak Abis!! Low Cost Cosplay yg Ala Kadarnya :D

kelakuan anak muda jaman sekarang

Cowok asal Thailand ini kayaknya demen banget sama cosplay, dana yang minim tidak jadi penghalang buat dia

IDeclare Shenanigans @IDeclareShenani

'Low Cost Cosplay' Is Taking The Internet By Storm....Aaaaaaand It's Hilarious

22/12/2014 19:36:31 WIB
URL RocketNews24 Nailed it: Thai man's low budget cosplay is a gift to the Internet【Photos】 Taking up cosplay as a hobby takes a pretty significant time commitment to put together that perfect costume to dress up as your favorite video game, comic book or movie character. And for those of us without the, ahem, natural assets to boost our cosplay

Orang ini bikin heboh internet dan bikin trend baru yang disebut "Low Cost Cosplay" yaitu cosplay ala kadarnya :D

Radass @Radass

He wins at creativity. This Guys Low Cost Cosplay Makes The Internet A Better Place (27 Pics)

06/12/2014 04:00:06 WIB
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김유정 @Yoojung_talk

anjng emang haha“@/kkrysztal: @/WeGotLoves ada yang beda nih low cost cosplay dari Thailand

09/11/2014 19:11:47 WIB
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Old Account @ChloesLame

I just googled low budget cosplay and ????

18/01/2015 03:40:09 WIB
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. @xxxfrappe

srsly low cost cosplay for world president

01/03/2015 11:07:00 WIB
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Brian Klaas @brianklaas

My favorite example of #Thailand's latest youth phenomenon: low-cost cosplay; dressing up w/ household items #Tswift

24/12/2014 13:15:47 WIB
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Berkat dia, sekarang semua orang bisa ikutan cosplay

Kam 🍀 @Icy_Rapture

When you wanna do cosplay but you're working on a low budget

21/02/2015 08:54:51 WIB
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Ria Navarita @dare_darou

... one serious low cost cosplay Jed's Island resort - Philippines :|…

15/02/2015 22:51:42 WIB
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Magic Box Asia @Magicboxasia

★ This Thai Cosplay is so next level.★ #DRACE Cr: Low Cost Cosplay

10/02/2015 13:22:03 WIB
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Resi septiani @Reseptiani

Ini sih namanya beneran "low budget cosplay" 😂😂😂😂 [pic] —

04/01/2015 19:34:40 WIB
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Raka 🔭 @aksarakaa

Cosplay low budget. Boleh lah usahanya [pic] —

04/01/2015 00:40:53 WIB
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PP - Double P @ppdoublep55

Low Cost Cosplay : Baymax Edition 555555 #BigHero6TH

06/12/2014 17:10:15 WIB
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