Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours: Jakarta Travel Tips

The largest city in Indonesia and one of the most thickly populated city in the world, Jakarta, is still very famous for tourists to visit. You will find a remarkable skyline and be impressed with some of the tallest buildings on the planet. This symbolizes the city’s financial prowess.
rick maher @ricklessabandon

can anyone confirm that iem's [ c9 vs ge tigers ] is at 5am california time (in 6.5 hours), or am i reading this schedule incorrectly?

13/03/2015 12:32:12 WIB
rick maher @ricklessabandon

if you're curious, check out this post and look for the 'click here' for the .pdf of their changes: capcom-unity.com/gregaman/blog/…

13/03/2015 12:04:51 WIB
rick maher @ricklessabandon

holy shit, these dmc patch notes are hype af~ i really admire all the devs that worked the definitive edition (as well as the original)!

13/03/2015 12:02:45 WIB
Steve Schirra @schirra

Finally home from work. Eating a little bit of celebration ice cream

13/03/2015 11:45:33 WIB
Ludwig Stay Home @LudwigK

Why is every bar playing that Portlandia end credits song now? Did it just catch on?

13/03/2015 09:43:15 WIB

Don’t miss @laineygossip’s latest column—do friends who count calories together stay together? ow.ly/KgGvB pic.twitter.com/HldrrTJryk

13/03/2015 09:10:09 WIB
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Medium @Medium

“‘Why Do You Use So Many Four-Letter Words?’” by @mshannabrooks medium.com/@mshannabrooks…

13/03/2015 09:00:02 WIB
Tom Cowell @MrTomCowell

Work despises talent. And talent despises work. And that will never change.

13/03/2015 08:47:37 WIB

ICYMI: 20 looks from @TheJUNOAwards past, like @NellyFurtado’s green shadow (+ Ryan & Alanis!) ow.ly/KgGST pic.twitter.com/HkNDtd1GPd

13/03/2015 08:10:38 WIB
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Jackie @JackieMButler

Alway awesome catching up w/ old friends. Seeing how much personal growth occurs over the span of a few years is mind blowing in some cases.

13/03/2015 07:56:24 WIB
Jackie @JackieMButler

I really enjoy the color black. Black on black on black. pic.twitter.com/PzXeqVzOPw

13/03/2015 07:52:56 WIB
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maureenhalushak @MaureenHalushak

"She is fearless & brave & smart & funny & warm & wonderful. Would hit" —@FLAREfashion's Briony Smith on @jennyslate: flare.com/celebrity/wome…

13/03/2015 07:34:37 WIB

#Hathalove: Anne Hathaway makes our best-dressed list (that hairstyle doesn’t count) --> ow.ly/KgHcu pic.twitter.com/ZAn7wUCc8s

13/03/2015 07:20:09 WIB
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Medium @Medium

“How Netflix Broke The Unbreakable Spoiler Alert (and how to fix it)” by @fimoculous medium.com/message/how-ne…

13/03/2015 07:00:03 WIB
Maria Tallarico @MariaTallarico

Madonna on basic bitches & which of her ex-husbands she considers successful (cough not Guy cough) flare.com/celebrity/mado… cc @FLAREfashion

12/03/2015 23:43:17 WIB
LE CHÂTEAU @LeChateauStyle

Optez pour une tenue raffinée et confortable avec les coordonnés de tailleurs neutres de la saison. bit.ly/1b5TGB2

13/03/2015 06:15:09 WIB
Project 97 @the97project

On Rinelle Harper: teen activist called for inquiry into 1,200+ missing/murdered CDN aboriginal women flare.com/culture/30-und… @FLAREfashion

13/03/2015 04:56:20 WIB
LE CHÂTEAU @LeChateauStyle

NEUTRALS THAT WORK - Stay polished yet comfortable all day in this season’s neutral tailoring. Shop now: bit.ly/1MwAjOW

13/03/2015 05:30:19 WIB
Medium @Medium

“WTF Do You Even Pack for a TED Conference?” by @safwat medium.com/ted-fellows/wt…

13/03/2015 05:00:02 WIB
Zach @mandatorycloud

Anyone notice something off about Kassadin this patch? pic.twitter.com/nsNfgkrC56

13/03/2015 04:31:34 WIB
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moobeat @moobeat

Sad face when you miss Surprise Party Amumu's ult and a happy face when you hit someone with it! #PBE pic.twitter.com/Iq9cQfeQXu

13/03/2015 04:39:36 WIB
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