.@shoq continues to harass, insult, and bully on Twitter. And offers to pay money for evidence of it.

Aaware that several women have contacted the authorities to report him for harassment, @shoq continues to harass them. He demands that his accusers show him evidence of his harassing behavior (as if his blog posts and tweets aren't proof enough) and then, oddly, offers to pay them for such evidence. He thinks he is entitled to a twitter trial on his blog. He's not.
Shoq @Shoq

Jesus, I go away to work on the election for a few hours, come back to a sock puppet army! lol

30/09/2012 05:50:01 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

It would seem that suddenly, the whole progressive space things helping @FarRightOfLeft is a great idea! #insanityRules

30/09/2012 06:30:03 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

LOLOL Just 4000 words of pontification and self-serving posturing Way to avoid the drama! #FTW

30/09/2012 07:39:25 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@MiltShook Please don't update a thing. It's perfect, as is. The bombast & lack of AND evidence is so.. so @jamesokeefeIII. #p2

30/09/2012 07:59:40 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@MiltShook Told ya for years, 1) you need an editor, 2) you kinda neglected to include something in your defamations: evidence.

30/09/2012 08:03:58 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@MiltShook Honeybadger's tweet did include @AngryBlackLady's text AS shown, with no "doctoring." You best retract that, quick.

30/09/2012 08:07:37 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@MiltShook If honeybadger is silly enough to include ABL's text so that it appears as her own, that's her folly. Retract.

30/09/2012 08:08:33 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

Folks, @MiltShook has done a hit piece for his friends @AngryBlackLady & @vdaze. When you see his role, you'll get it. #patience

30/09/2012 08:10:33 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@MiltShook You cannot prove a single image was not tweeted exactly as shown (and captured by multiple users)

30/09/2012 08:12:18 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@MiltShook Unless you can prove otherwise, you had better retract it. Those images were exact shots. As will be yours

30/09/2012 08:13:11 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@MiltShook You have postured as a "neutral observer" while everyone has watched you be anything but for weeks. Are you drinking?

30/09/2012 08:13:58 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

Fix: @MiltShook Because even though she deleted the Tweet, twitter has it exactly as tweeted. And that's just 1 debunked.

30/09/2012 08:16:00 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

Evidence schmevidence! Shoq's an abuser of women! We don't need no steenkin evidence! We have @Jennyjinx! lol

30/09/2012 08:17:41 WIB
PUDCAST245 @pudcast245

@Shoq Soo...if U apologize, it's not accepted,if U don't apologize,UR harassed.If U don't tweet UR hiding,if U tweet,UR abusing.Got it?

30/09/2012 09:03:22 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@pudcast245 Yep, classic @MichelleMalkin tactics. Whatever you say or do, is simply flipped into something else. #patience :)

30/09/2012 09:08:54 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@pudcast245 If point out the three apologies, not counting the one 8 months ago, shoq was still born in Kenya! #MiltShooklogic :)

30/09/2012 09:10:10 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@pudcast245 He's just covering his ass. Badly :)

30/09/2012 09:10:44 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@OsborneInk proved that shoq never threatened @HoneybadgerLA or her daughter, but shoq was still born in Kenya!

30/09/2012 09:49:16 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

And we wonder why Right gets away with the BS that they do? Because ppl believe memes they already embraced. Facts are irrelevant.

30/09/2012 09:51:10 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

And until we fix that problem, this planet is in for a world of hurt.

30/09/2012 09:51:25 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

Clear to everyone... but the stupid :) RT @Liberalibrarian: Re: the @Shoq thing. I think he has been much maligned. Just to be clear.

30/09/2012 10:45:21 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

BREAKING: EVIDENCE POURING IN! @Shoq Is A “Bully” Who “Abuses Women!” http://t.co/wUT6EkcC #p2

30/09/2012 13:18:45 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

ATTENTION: @idesOfSimon, now bullying @Karoli, is @FarRightOfLeft who hosts radio shows about bullying. Seriously. http://t.co/JG0F59v8

30/09/2012 13:21:14 WIB
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