Max Keiser, tweet poet. @maxkeiser
As I predicted: based on Syriza's failure to deliver. Anarchist group takes over the Syriza party's office in Athens sputniknews.com/europe/2015030…
Katie-o @kateyo
Is Stormont about 2fall now that SF are seeking pet of concern over welfare?They accuseDUP of bad faith re vulnerable claimants @mickfealty
David Moore @davidcmoore1
@kateyo @mickfealty No. I think they'll renegotiate but SF have set the bar high at £564 million over 6 years.
Máiría Cahill @mairiac31
This is what SF accused the SDLP of doing in February. Today, they're threatening to pull the plug over same issue. pic.twitter.com/eWOnmBLPzS
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Derry Journal @derryjournal
Sinn Fein threaten to oppose welfare bill unless vulnerable in society are protected. derryjournal.com/news/sinn-fein… pic.twitter.com/tlKUTB7wuX
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Eunan McConville @eunanmcconville
On @BBCTalkBack @williamcrawley: "Do u think SF just didn't understand the maths?" @J_Donaldson_MP: "That would be 1 way of looking at it."
Sapere Aude @thedissenter
@SJAMcBride but how would it change the budget post May with same parties in Govt? Example of Greece? 'he who pays bills, gets his way'
Arlene Foster @DUPleader
I'll stand by every word & number of the Stormont House & Castle agreements. Its not a matter of opinion or debate, it's in black & white.
Malachy Quinn @MalachyQuinn
Sinn Fein now begging the SDLP to sign a Petition Of Concern to help stop the horrible deal that SF made with DUP.
Rodney Edwards @rodneyedwards
"The bad faith will lie with anyone who refuses to stand up for what they agreed at Stormont Castle and at Stormont House," says @DUPleader.
The Irish News @irish_news
Video: #SinnFein's Martin McGuinness praises DUP for their role in #welfarereform discussions - 3 March 2015 content.jwplatform.com/previews/3qCXV…
David McCann @dmcbfs
SDLP source: SF look like they want an early election but SDLP believe it's not in anyone's interests for it to happen. #WelfareReform
Fiona Norris @Fiona7689Fiona
@ianjamesparsley Its another form of workplace bullying - which continues to go unpunished. Meanwhile, good staff leave in droves.
John McDermott @StrabaneJohn
SDLP loud noises aren't a distraction. They need to protect the most vulnerable and sign the petition of concern now pic.twitter.com/KJDEmhMR6P
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Barry McElduff @BarryMcElduff
DUP don't show up for crunch meetings. They don't care about disadvantaged. They renege on agreements #BadFaith pic.twitter.com/rlVMapV0B8
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Tanya Mc Camphill @tanyamccamphill
@DeckyLd @Seamas_deFaoite @laurenslane23 the sdlp presented a number of amendments to the bill to protect ppl why did SF not support? #uturn
Michael Rogan @micheal1916
Sinn Féin to Oppose passage of Welfare Bill Martin Mc Guinness full speech From Stormont#stopthetorycuts youtu.be/wQ3Yv0iRo10
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Gareth Gordon @BBCGarethG
The Social Development Minister Mervyn Storey has just taken his seat in the Assembly. All eyes on him now
Alex.Kane @AlexKane221b
If the Welfare Bill was supposedly Executive approved how come SF seem totally unaware of what was being done re assorted mitigations?
PJ @JP46251093
@situation_ni @ianjamesparsley why just 6 years - if we don't implement welfare reform we will be permanently stuck with a higher bill
Shane McKee @shanemuk
@ianjamesparsley @BBCTalkback there are those V words... victims, vulnerable, voters...
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